Sampdoria, Massimo Ferrero arrested by the Guardia di Finanza: bankruptcy and corporate crime

The president of Sampdoria has been transferred to San Vitor and 5 other people are under house arrest, including his daughter Vanessa, who is accused of stealing 740,000 euros from a company. The Dorian Club is not involved in this case

The Guardia di Finanza newspaper arrested Sampdoria President Massimo Ferrero this morning in Milan, as part of an investigation into the bankruptcy of 4 companies operating in the hotel, tourism and cinema sector based in the province of Cosenza in the municipality of Aquapisa. . The corporate meltdown dates back to 4 years ago. The verdict was handed down by the investigating judge of the court of Paola and Ferrero was transferred to the Milan prison in San Vittore. Sampdoria was not involved in the case, for whatever reason, whose environment was still deeply disturbed by the news, which came, among other things, in the week leading up to Friday’s derby match.


In addition to Ferrero’s arrest, house arrest warrants have been issued for 5 other people including his daughter Vanessa (accused of stealing €740,000 from the coffers of Ellemme Group Srl) and the nephew of the Sampdoria chief. Dorian’s number one driver is also shackled. According to Romanian lawyer Giusepina Tinga, who is defending the president of Sampdoria, a request has already been submitted to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, to allow Ferrero himself to witness a house search in his Roman home in the Piazza di Spagna area. It’s a safe that only Sampdoria number one knows. Parallel to this story linked to the fraudulent bankruptcy accusation, there remains another legal issue for Ferrero – in the court of Rome – related to a request for an arrangement with creditors by Ferrero himself regarding two of his companies in liquidation (Eleven Finance and Farvem). However, the chairman’s petition has been blocked and is currently being examined by judges following a dispute brought by a creditor, clearly unhappy with Ferrero’s reinstatement proposal. For this reason, the president of Sampdoria then submitted substantive documents that the court is currently analyzing.

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Yesterday at Ferraris

Ferrero was present yesterday evening at the Ferrari Stadium to follow the Sampdoria match against Lazio, and he had left the stadium immediately after the final whistle. He himself, during the night, denied the Gazzetta the hypothesis of changing coach despite Daversa’s crisis. He was expected to attend tomorrow afternoon with the presidents of Genoa, Spezia and some members of the three clubs, along with the city authorities, for an official meeting at Palazzo della Borsa where the Liguria region will present the new sponsorship of the club. Three Liguri di A clubs, in order to promote tourism in the region through football.

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