Ukraine, the European Union and the United States of America. How do the main parties rank?

Ukraine, the European Union and the United States of America.  How do the main parties rank?

A guide to the positions of the FdI, Pd, M5S, Lega, Action-Italia Viva, Forza Italia, Verdi-Sinistra and Più Europa on the three critical foreign policy dossiers

What are the positions of the main Italian parties on three critical foreign policy issues such as support for Ukraine in the face of the Russian invasion, Italy’s role in the European Union and relations with the United States? Here are the top eight parties according to the latest opinion polls available before the “darkness”.

Support for Ukraine

Brothers of Italy and the Democratic Party led respectively Georgia Meloni And the Enrico LettaThey have always reiterated their conviction to follow the path indicated by the Prime Minister Mario Draghi Besides Ukraine albeit from different positions, the first from the opposition and the second from the majority. Action-Italia Viva di is also on the same line Carlo Calenda And the Matthew Renzi And Europe more than Emma Bonino. Latest comments Silvio Berlusconi On the war in Ukraine, with Russian President Vladimir Putin “Pushed” by the situation in the Donbass for the invasion, they reminded many of the personal relationship between the leader of Forza Italia and the Russian president.

in the last days Matteo SalviniHe changed his mind about Putin after the war in Ukraine, said the association’s federal secretary, tacitly acknowledging that he also viewed him favorably in 2014, at the time of the invasion of Crimea. Sanctions against Russia were one of Salvini’s passengers in the election campaign, which she repeatedly revealed. Once again, he appears to have changed his mind a few days after the vote and after the discussion about Russian funding (an issue that Italy, “for the time being”, came out of). “We have always voted for them,” he said.

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But now he asserted, “We are in the seventh month of the war, I have just asked the question: Are the penalties brought to their knees? Do you see the bills? I would not like the Italian workers to pay the fines.” If the center-right goes to the government anyway on the sanctions “we will continue to do what we have already done but we will protect Italian workers. As happened during Covid. It is a second Covid, not in the hospital but in the factory and Italians must be protected”, he added.

If the Green Left Alliance has never hidden the desire to stop the shipment of weapons to Ukraine (although there is no trace of it in the program filed with the Ministry of the Interior), it is the five-star movement in these last bars. That took the hardest line. According to the leader Giuseppe Conte The logic of the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky Washington’s desire to achieve a devastating military victory for Russia is a “military escalation.” “I have always emphasized, signed and re-launched sanctions, but I have always said that sanctions are not an end but a way to try to restore dialogue, not isolate Russia,” he added. “We will not vote for ‘send weapons because they don’t need our armored tanks’ but someone to force peace negotiations. We don’t want this war anymore, Washington can’t decide.”

Italy’s role in the European Union

It was not, unlike the politics of 2018 and the European policies of 2019, an election campaign marked by the theme of Euroscepticism. “Two elements intervened, a black swan, which we did not expect: the epidemic and the war in Ukraine,” he explained. Nicoletta Perozziwho directs the European Union program at the Istituto Affari Internazionali in Rome, a “These have reinforced some trends but also changed certain attitudes.” Instead, there has been a lot of discussion about the center-right’s attitude toward Hungary Victor Urban. as said in Formiche.netThe country is not only the black beast of the European Union. It’s a major concern for the United States, also because of the Russian and Chinese hack. The defense that Salvini offered to the Hungarian prime minister is not surprising. However, the leader of the brothers was pushed into Italy Luigi Di Maiothe leader of civic commitment, to define her as “pseudo-Atlantic” in an interview with Newspaper – Words used by the Berlusconi family newspaper to cover the article.

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Relationship with the United States

While Conte had the support (officially appreciated) from the former president Donald Trump The Democratic Party can count on a fairly structured relationship with its counterpart in the United States, and the links between the Republican Party and the center-right winds are on a personal level and are entertained by various leaders. For this reason, Berlusconi had historical relations with the republican world as a result of his years at Palazzo Chigi; Salvini is with Trumpian and more attentive to fiscal policies such as the flat tax; Meloni slowly shifted its pivot from the Trampian-Bannonian world to more regions governor in traditional subjects. On the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, a senior White House official speaking to reporters warned: “We do not believe that, regardless of the outcome of the vote, Italy will somehow withdraw from the Western coalition of countries that support” Ukraine “. “

“And we believe” that “even our main partners in Europe don’t think so, even if that doesn’t mean it will be quite the same with Draghi,” he added. But he continued, “The ‘apocalypse’ account of the Italian elections does not fit our expectations of what will happen.” Words that seem to highlight that the United States may not be concerned with the relationship with Italy but with Italy’s relations with authoritarian regimes, China and Russia.

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