Covid escaped from an American laboratory? Russia and China are allies on fake news

Covid escaped from an American laboratory?  Russia and China are allies on fake news

Moscow propaganda distorts the words of economist Sachs. Beijing’s diplomacy is also in motion. It is another case in which the two narratives overlap with one goal: to weaken the West

We return to talking about Covid-19 and the hypothesis on which the virus was born in an American laboratory. Everything comes from the words Jeffrey SachsEconomist and Chair of the Covid-19 Committee at Lancet.

Here is what he said during one of the Spanish Gateway Center events. “In my opinion, this is a biotech bug, not a natural hiccup,” he said, relaunch What has been written in recent weeks with Neil Harrison from Columbia University. Then select “We don’t know for sure, mind,” because, he explained, they’re fueling the plot for “obvious reasons” they don’t want a thorough investigation. The key sentence is: “I am absolutely convinced that it was born from the biotechnology of American laboratories, and not from nature.” In English: “Outside a biotechnology lab in the United States.” And he didn’t say: “An American biotechnology lab.” In his words, Sachs didn’t actually rule out the hypothesis that Covid-19 came from American lab biotechnology that was studying in a Chinese lab where he escaped.

But the statements were promptly relaunched by RT, the Kremlin’s propaganda tool, titled “Covid-19 may have originated in the American lab” (“Covid-19 may have originated in the American biolab”). They ended up with the same process of disinformation, then in various media outlets including the Iranian news agency Tasnim, which is considered very close to the Pasdaran, and anti-diplomaticAn Italian website that does not hide its anti-Western, pro-Russian and pro-Chinese positions.

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Several Chinese diplomats also re-launched it. starting from Hua ChunyingBeijing Foreign Ministry spokesman. The same on March 15, 2020, at the beginning of the epidemic, Via Twitter It fed the fake news of Italians singing “Thank you, China” from balconies. process, as revealed Formiche.nethe can count on an army of bots on social networks to relaunch pro-Beijing content and that, he explained political report cardIt was part of “what appears to be a larger process by Beijing to reduce the Chinese government’s potential responsibilities in the initial spread of Covid-19 and to deliver the message that China is appreciated abroad for the way it is managing, and managing, the coronavirus emergency.”

in this days American newspaper Axios He talked about a “page” borrowed from China “from the Russian disinformation manual”. Laura Rosenbergerthen president of the Alliance for Democracy and a senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund today great doctor China made clear to the White House National Security Council that there are three tactics “Beijing has applied in its coronavirus propaganda campaign that are clearly reminiscent of the Russian strategy”: The spread of “multiple conflict theories”. The amplification of “conspiracy websites” which, according to the expert, do not offer any transparency in funding but promote those theories “that the state intends to support” and the coordinated use of Twitter accounts of diplomats and embassies, along with the media regime, to give more impetus to conspiracy theories.

A very objective analysis after the recent operation on the origin of Covid-19, to use with Russia interested in fueling chaos through disinformation also in light of Western unity along with Ukraine and China bent on taking advantage of any opportunity to blame the pandemic on others, even if it is The United States is better.

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