Hungary won the fourth title in a row – OA Sport

Hungary won the fourth title in a row – OA Sport

Hungary hosts tried, But for the fourth time in a row, the women’s water polo world title ends in the United States. An unbeaten team again, closes the tournament with zero in the losers’ slot.

Greta Jurisati for Hungary opened the scoring. The opening goal helped create a very balanced first half of the match, closing in with a 4-3 score for stars and stripes thanks to Margaret Stephens’ scoring in the last minute of play.

In the second half of the match, the United States immediately gave a decisive impulse. Ryan Neuscholl’s two goals in the first minutes of the third quarter are a huge blow to the hopes of the Hungarians. Americans find maximum benefit in 8-4 with a third mark on the usual Neushul.

Women’s water polo, World Cup 2022: Italy – Netherlands 5-7. Setterosa concludes the fourth

In the last quarter, the owners of the land tried to return desperately, and even returned to the score -1, with the goal of Rita Keshetili in favor of 8-7. Then Madeleine Mosselmann thought about a penalty to close the match permanently, relegating the Hungarians to the silver medal and giving her national team another gold.

Photo: La Presse

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