Exciting: The 500 electric car goes to the USA. This is what John Elkann said – Turin Chronicle

Exciting: The 500 electric car goes to the USA.  This is what John Elkann said – Turin Chronicle

While John Elkann speaks before the authorities and journalists, in the press room inside the former printing presses that host the new Circular Economy Centre, the “recycling center” that represents the new life of Mirafiori, Outside Door 16 are the Leer workers and the Fiume delegatesWhile Carlos Tavares declares at home, “Here we build the future, a profitable business that will surprise you,” outside there is concern: Will these innovations create jobs?

John Elkann, who left the factory after cutting the ribbon, skipping the “questions and answers” ​​stage with reporters, said, “Mirafiori remains the engine of Stellantis’ evolution».

He made the announcement of the upcoming, a new production phase for Mirafiori: “Each of our factories has its own mission. Here, in addition to the existing productions, in the circular axis, We plan to build a plant to produce transmissions for electric vehicles thanks to our joint venture with Punch Powertrain». Responding to the concerns of mechanics in recent months, that with new battery electric vehicles the production of conventional gearboxes will decrease. However, it remains to be understood to what extent this new line, which will be put into operation at the beginning of 2024, will be able to accommodate workers.

“In Turin – continued Elkann – there is a range of exceptional resources that the city can draw on to renew itself and build its future. Renewal and building the future: this is the horizon that opens before Mirafiori. Such is the sense of commitment that Stellantis feels to this region. “There’s a big change happening in the car, and this area, along with Stellantis, has the potential to renew itself and be the protagonist once again.” In particular, with the 500 electric car, produced only in Mirafiori, which is preparing to land in the United States..

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Therefore, outside the circular economy axis, the content of that “secret agreement” between Stellantis, the Municipality of Turin and the Piedmont Region has been revealed. Harmony, which the group’s president considers “good politics, which knows how to overcome partisan viewpoints.” This is what we hope to find at the table that will take shape on December 6 with the government and the unions.”.

One feature of many past moments is missing, here in Mirafiori, and that is the announcement perhaps of a new model – promises not always fulfilled, of course, even by Marchionne -: in addition to 500 battery cars, new Maserati electric models will arrive in Mirafiori. But the Fiat brand, in words and strategy, pledges to remain central: “The Fiat brand continues to grow in all markets. The Fiat 500 achieved a leading position in Germany In October, surpassing all other German models who are usually at the top of the rankings.”

However, CEO Carlos Tavares’ speech is visionary to say the least: “Here we will recover and repair batteries, engines, gearboxes and vehicles for reuse or vehicles for resale through our network. The goal is to sell 2.5 million items by 2030. Mirafiori will be our center of excellence in Europe». Regarding green business, Tavares’ concept is a production separated from dependence on raw materials, and from sustainability “which leads to production that also fights inflation, giving stability to society.” The world is going through profound changes that we will never be able to return to. “Our commitment is very sincere, and we believe this is the right path for the planet and for our group.”

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It is he who is left with the task of determining what the future should look like, specifically in light of the December 6 meeting: “We We want to produce more than 500 electric cars here in Turin. And also the panda in another factory. But if we have to face a higher cost, we need subsidies and assistance. “If politics wants to protect production, it should not be afraid of change.” This means that if you give us incentives to eliminate waste, we produce more and also maintain production models that we can reduce. Warning to sailors. «Suggestions – he smiles -. “I confirm the suggestions.”.

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