The British off-roader inspired by Land Rover is taking Europe by storm: it’s a beast, the envy of everyone on the road

The British off-roader inspired by Land Rover is taking Europe by storm: it’s a beast, the envy of everyone on the road

Once again, Great Britain is introducing exceptional new off-road vehicles, so Land Rover will have a major competitor.

Among the brands that have proven to be the most competitive in producing great off-road vehicles, there is no doubt that land Rover He has a leadership role. In fact, the English company served as a reference point and the expansion of the range through the production of Range Rovers became increasingly appreciated.

British off-road vehicle inspired by Land Rover (

The company was born at the end of World War II, and from 1948 until today, more and more high-level models have emerged from the headquarters in Gaydon. What made these cars so popular was not only the model of the car capable of moving on any road and in any terrain, but also the fact that Land Rover made safety one of its strengths.

This can also be seen in the moment when he is a champion Lazio Ciro Immobile He was involved in a violent accident with his defender. The car was seriously damaged, but fortunately nothing was done to the Biancocelesti gunners, which once again demonstrates the absolute reliability of this brand.

That’s why it’s also inside him Great Britain There is certainly no shortage of companies aiming to take inspiration from the leaders in the sector. This can be seen from one of the latest models launched on the market, and when it comes to surprising, Great Britain always knows how to do it.

Ineos Grenadier: the off-road vehicle everyone has dreamed of

In a historical period where more and more large companies are being born in the automotive world, it certainly cannot be outdone on British soil. You can see it with Ineos Cars Which gave life to its first model, with Grenadier It’s already on everyone’s lips.

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Ineos Grenadier (Ineos Grenadier Press Media –

The dimensions highlight how this is a very powerful car and safety is definitely one of its great strengths. It shows itself at 490cm long, 193cm wide and 204cm high, making it a comfortable and welcoming 5-seater.

Although most new companies are increasingly focusing on electric cars, the British company actually did the opposite logic. Today’s best-selling off-road vehicles are still around gasoline, diesel, That’s why INEOS stayed with the classic combustion engine.

We are facing a petrol model equipped with a 3000cc 6-cylinder engine which has the potential to deliver up to maximum power. 286 hp. Speed ​​is not its strong point, as it reaches 160 km/h and has a consumption of 12.9 liters per 100 km. However, the starting price is quite advantageous compared to a Land Rover, in fact it starts at 78,485 euros. The same goes for the diesel too, which is less powerful at just 249bhp and more useful in terms of consumption, at 10.1 liters per 100km.

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