Aragones calls for very strong amnesty law because his critics 'will try to boycott it'

Aragones calls for very strong amnesty law because his critics 'will try to boycott it'
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Head of the General Government, Peter AragonesHe warned that the amnesty “should be as strong a law as possible” because he expected that enemies of the regime would want to boycott it.

In an interview with the newspaper “La Vanguardia” this Sunday, compiled by Europe He pressesHe warned, “These enemies are very powerful at the level of Spain and will try to boycott the implementation of the law in its spirit and form.”

But if ERC He must change his strategy and put more pressure on the government as he does so together“The state government will have to consider which dynamics it favors and which it does not favor,” he replied.

“We have a very clear strategic approach that is not based on tactics or last-minute rushes,” but on negotiations leading to a referendum, which is why he has three goals for 2024: single financing, culminating in the transfer of ownership Suburbs and the commitment of Catalonia and the state to Catalanism.

Don't confuse immigration with crime

About the truth of that together She struck agreements on her own this week with the government, and responded that she still needed to finalize them, beyond the media headlines: “At the moment, from what we know, it's all very general and there are no details.”

Regarding an agreement together On immigration, he warned that confusing it with security was “harming Catalonia” and moving away from the tradition of Catalan integrationism, including that of the former CDC.

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UPS Press

It has also been mentioned PGE In 2024, to warn about this ERC “He did not sign any blank check,” even if the will was intended for both the state and general government to approve their accounts.

Regarding Catalonia’s 2024 budgets, he made “an appeal not only to… sun But also for common, together And with cup“So that they are accountable and can be approved.

Aspire to be a candidate

Aragon He said that he had “all the energy, all the strength to continue” and run in the Catalan elections to complete the projects, although he mentioned that ERC Decide on their candidates.

He renewed his desire to exhaust the Legislative Council, until elections are held in February 2025.


The President responded to the criticism directed at drought management, noting that:Catalan Water Agency (Anti-Corruption Commission) have been managing it for years sunsee you, together, Local added valuethe common Two years ago, ERC.

He refused to connect the waters of the Ebro River with the waters of the Ebro RiverATLLBecause he believes this is illogical and “contradicts European Union standards.”

In addition, he stressed that Catalonia is building infrastructure so that its inland basins can develop without resorting to the waters of the Ebro River, and added: “As much as we go quickly to make the connection, it will not be beneficial to the current current.” drought “.

Mobile phones at primary and secondary levels

Speaking about education, he said that very soon there will be “restrictions on the use of mobile phones” at the primary level and very restrictive regulation in schools. .Highschool: Therefore, they can be used in educational activities that require it, but not the rest of the time in the classroom or on the playground.

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Regarding the weak results of the Pisa report despite investments in education, he said that “the results appear in the medium and long term,” and that the results just published are most likely the result of decisions made years ago.

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