Ex-Amichi title winner leaves Italy: Maria De Filippi and viewers stunned

Ex-Amichi title winner leaves Italy: Maria De Filippi and viewers stunned

A former Amici winner decides to leave Italy, leaving Maria de Filippi and viewers speechless: let’s find out who he is.

There are many heroes who have marked the history of the talent show, Amici. One of them decided to leave Italy permanently. So let’s find out who he is and the reasons behind this choice.

The former heroes of the talent show bid farewell to the broadcast (via screenshot)

The last Amici winner before the Covid-19 pandemic, few will remember Alberto Orso. The singer, in fact, even after participating in the Sanremo Festival disappeared from the radar. In 2019, after the talent win, he also released the first album, then took on the role of coach celebrity friends. Only the following year, he made his debut on the stage of the Ariston Theater, where he managed to qualify only for 14th place.

From that moment on, the appearance of Alberto on TV screens has already been snatched up. to New Year 2020before participating in the Sanremo Festival, he also appeared briefly in big brother vip. While last year he returned to Amici as a guest, where he sang his latest song to the audience. A few days ago, Urso also had to report the cancellation of some of his scheduled concerts. Let’s go see what happened to the singer.

Friends, what happened to Alberto Orso? His upcoming concerts have been cancelled

Giordana Angie Sanremo
Giordana Angie and Alberto Orso, longtime talent show champions (Instagram)

Alberto Orso In the past few hours, he also had to report the cancellation of his last scheduled concerts. With these stories, the singer revealed:You are the reason why I love to sing, make music, and share my songs on stageYou are my inspiration. I work for Bring my music around the world Finally over the next few months, I’ll be very excited to share some great news about my next project“.

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Urso also continued by communicating:I know it would make you proud! sorry but now I have to cancel my scheduled concerts, but I’m glad to lead you a new project soon! I will never stop thanking you for everything you do for me! Stay tuned, very little is missing! I love you!So it seems Alberto is ready for a new experience in the United States to gain experience and export his music to the stars and stripes.

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