Here is someone who risks punishment

Here is someone who risks punishment

Watch out for Health insurance card: L ‘revenue agency He’s serious. In fact, he knew what Penalties offered In case deleted or delayed And Incorrectly transferring data to the system Health insurance card. In fact, one is applied 100 . fine euro per call.

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Who risks punishment?

To be interested is local health companiesThe Hospital companiesThe Hospital and care institutions Scientific, I University ClinicsThe Public and private pharmaciesme Outpatient unit specialiststructures to provide services Prosthetic assistance Based on Supplementary assistancefacilities and other structures approved for drainage Health services and memberssurgeon registry Based on Dentists.

What does “error sending data” mean?

The revenue agency has clarified that €100 fine valid for every document from Incorrect expense, deleted, or submitted latebecause «one different reading You won’t, in fact, allow to have it Desired deterrent effect In the explanatory report.” In short, in relation to Prefilled ad Decide to adopt one Too tough line.

there Pre-filled tax return can involve Serious consequences Whoever commits one Oversight or inaccuracy When to submit your health card data. In view of such circumstance, therefore, I for their private account In particular they will have to lend a lot of attention at Communications received from the tax authorities If they want to avoid paying a fine of €100 for each document containing incorrect data.

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