The Beautiful American Previews: Is Taylor leaving?

The Beautiful American Previews: Is Taylor leaving?

Let’s discover together the American premieres of The Bold and the Beautiful, a TV series broadcast from Monday to Saturday on Canale 5: Here are the summaries of the episodes that will soon be broadcast on Canale 5!

the US previews of The Bold and the Beautiful It will reveal that there is interesting news on the horizon regarding Taylor. It looks like Hayes will be disappearing from our screens for a while as she heads to Italy with Stevie! But let’s find out together what the previews for the soon-to-air episode reveal in detail At 1:40 pm on Channel 5

The Beautiful American Previews: Stevie Papers

events Beautiful It will allow us to discover new details about characters that are not present on screens. We’re talking about Stevie, who will disappear for a while after Sheila Carter is released. The girl, in fact, She will decide to leave her husband when he proves unable to communicate with his biological motherthat Forrester He sees this as a great danger to himself and his children. Furthermore, it appears that the character’s translator was pregnant at the time, so this may have been a way to prevent her pregnancy from appearing…

The Beautiful American Previews: Stevie goes to Italy

Steffy is going to Europe with Beth and Hayes. but where? At first it is not known which place the woman chose: we remember that in the last episodes that were broadcast in Italy, The girl came to the Old Continent to recover from the death of her husband. Forrester And so she was admitted to a clinic in Monte Carlo. Well, apparently, this time Daughter Ridge’s Destination Is Our Country: Reality spoilers reveal that Steffy went to Italy.

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Taylor leaves for US shows

Stevie He’s not the only character you might not see for a while. also TaylorIn fact, he will disappear from screens after Ridge decided to get back together with Brooke. But what happened to the psychiatrist? This is according to a conversation he had with his daughter. It appears that Hayes was preoccupied with work obligations, Some conferences in detail. Not only that: the audience can greet her again, shortly after she appears again on stage, as happened before. It seems she wants to join her daughter in Italy.

The loverhorrifyingthe beloved historical American series, airs daily on the hour 1.40 pm on Channel 5.

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