Yaman can unleash in the disco, fans notice the details

Yaman can unleash in the disco, fans notice the details

If Can Yaman has one thing, it’s success, and that is that Turk is one of the most wanted actors right now. Moreover, when he returns to Turkey he will not be able to rest and settle down, because he has already prepared several projects: the first, to resume registrations Sandokan, a series in the middle of filming and delayed due to the epidemic; And secondly, to play the starring role the wrong manhis first project with Disney+, which can also be seen on Nova.

Actor Can Yaman is back in Rome for a few days after finishing filming for Viola. The actor is finally taking a break from work and has been caught doing so at a Romanian club. However, his fans soon noticed something that sparked some theories… Let’s find out what happened!

Yaman intends to get some rest before he starts his running pace. In fact, as soon as Viola il mare arrives, whose filming should finally end, the Turkish actor will soon have to work on two more projects: the first is a Disney Plus TV series where he will star alongside Hende Ercel from the movie Love Is In The Air. which will begin filming in April; The second is Sandukan, for which Yaman has been preparing with great anticipation in recent months and will begin filming next June.

In Rome, Can Yaman surprised fans while enjoying a night on the town. They took videos and pictures of him while he was taking a break from work to share with their friends – but they noticed he seemed thoughtful, not at all like someone having a good time or peaceful. It seemed he was thinking of something. In fact, one thing seems to be weighing down this actor’s thoughts: smoking cigars!

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Fans began to worry about the mood of the actor, as he has recently shown unusual behavior. The most popular theory is that her “bad mood” is connected with Demet Ozdemir, who announced her imminent marriage to her partner. It is still not clear what is the truth behind this turmoil in the life of one of Turkey’s most beloved actors.

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