January 31, 2023

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Even fish can solve math: Science says so

According to a study, fish are able to do algebraic sums

  • Research on the ability of fish to perform algebraic sums
  • They took math tests with numbers from one to five
  • If they guess correctly, they will be rewarded with something to eat
  • They find the solution between 69 and 94 percent of the time
  • Research has revealed that fish are able to identify the largest group

Scientists found that i fish They understand math. Some flounders took part in arithmetic tests, and the results were amazing. The samples were first trained to recognize the yellow symbols representing addition and blue symbols indicating unit subtraction. They had to do some real stuff algebraic sums In numbers from one to five. For example, if three yellow shapes are shown and then one blue shape, they will have to swim toward the gate that has two yellow shapes.

This way the fish showed that they understood how to subtract or add shapes and They got paid to eat. Small marine organisms manage to find the solution between 69 and 94 percent of the time. However, this mathematical skill is not new to animals. In the past, gorillas, monkeys, dolphins, elephants, birds, salamanders, and even bees and spiders have shown that they can Do math well.

Research has revealed that fish are able to identify the largest group of their peers

The most recent algebraic tests were carried out on freshwater fish strains at the University of Bonn, Germany. Vera Schlussel explained in Scientific Reports: “One of the things that helps these species identify fish that are similar to them is just counting the stripes or spots on their backs.”. In 2004, the research group headed by A. Angelo Bisazza of the Department of General Psychology at the University of Padova conducted a study to analyze the ability of fish to recognize A group of fellow men more numerous.

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The results of the research showed that these animals are able to solve the task up to 4 units (i.e. they recognize the largest group in comparisons such as 1vs2, 2vs3, 3vs4) but They failed in greater numbers (eg 4v5, 5v6, 6v7, 7v8). However, they can recognize the most numerous group even among large groups of fish, as long as the numerical distance between groups is large, as in the case of 8 fish compared to 16.