Eva Grimaldi, very sad divorce from her ex-husband: “He just wanted …”

Eva Grimaldi, very sad divorce from her ex-husband: “He just wanted …”

During the latest release of Big Brother Vip 6, Milva Perinoni, the real name of Eva Grimaldi, made important statements about her private life and especially about her divorce from her ex-husband.

Venice Showgirl Eva Grimaldi has a stable and happy relationship. She is married to Emma Battaglia, with whom she has been romantically linked for 11 years, and the actress is fully enjoying their marriage. But his love life was full of ups and downs to make you dizzy. At the heart of the gossip, over the years there has been a lot of talk about Mileva’s relationships in the newspapers. Before coming out, in fact, Eva had relationships with well-known names, such as Vittorio Sgarbi, Lily Mora, and Gabriel Jarco.

Eva Grimaldi -Solocine.it

With the latter, the relationship was one of the most talked about in the ’90s, but also the most fake gossip stories. Gabriel himself announced, to GF Vip, that he studied their story with Eva at the table, covering Gabriel’s homosexuality before and Eva afterwards. False, tormented and true love. In 2006, Eva’s heart was on the verge of learning about another storm with a name and a surname: Fabrizio Ambroso.

Marriage to Fabrizio Ambroso

Little is known about the Venetian businessman who married Milva: he was born in 1968, lives in Verona and is an entrepreneur in this sector Import/export of furniture. Ambroso does not share screenshots from his private life. For many, he became reserved from the moment he got his divorce from the world-famous Grimaldi.

Before understanding Eva’s pain, let’s say Grimaldi got married in 2006 Businessman from Veneto Fabrizio Amoroso, Six months after the official engagement. In 2010, only 4 years later, their lives broke up by the will of Fabrizio and after 7 years they got divorced. Eva suffers a lot from this breakup and starts drinking. Eva, after many years, has made peace with her past, and not so long ago she gave a very touching interview with de Peche.

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Did her divorce

It was in March 2010 when Fabrizio Ambrosio was I decided to stay away from the actress. Eva repeatedly stated that although it was a separation, it became consensual: “At that moment the world fell on me.”

Eva and Fabrizio on the wedding day of Solocine.it

The despair and pain of failure led Eve to turn to alcohol. “I drank a lot. First, a few glasses, then, in the evening at dinner, without realizing it, I consoled myself with a full bottle of wine. I was trying to drug myself, and little by little, I began to drink whiskey too.”

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