Plastic surgery and Italian science ranks first in Europe. –

Plastic surgery and Italian science ranks first in Europe.  –

Plastic surgery and science, an Italian in first place in Europe for research into fat and vascular stromal cells.

double confession to Professor Pietro Gentile by the US rating agency Expertscape, which identifies the world’s most influential people in medicine based on the number and quality of scientific publications over the past ten years.


Global expert in stromal vascular fracturesDeveloped by the US Agency positions Professor Gentile Al First place in Europe and Al 3rd place in the world For studies on vascular stromal cells and lipofilling.

Moreover, the rating of “global expert in plastic surgery” confirms – for the fourth time in a row – Best plastic surgeon in Italyand puts it in No. 2 in Europe and all No. 11 in the world.

his posts

They contributed to the development of a new branch of plastic surgery called “Regenerative Plastic Surgery” based on Minimally invasive methods which use autologous fat and stromal vascular cells present in it, for restorative and aesthetic purposes.

To the Gentile Professor

Professor of Plastic Surgery, Tor Vergata University, Rome, credit goes to To confirm Italian plastic surgery on the international scene with studies and scientific research at the highest level.

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