According to science, the solution is artificial rain

According to science, the solution is artificial rain

Dehydration, and here’s how to treat it according to science. The answer may be artificial rain.

Barren Land – Image via Pixabay

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Over the days of the question drought may disturb the entire Italian lands with special attention to Northern Italywhere agriculture and all the three sectors that use raw materials incur the greatest expenditures.

There are many areas where it has not rained in weeks, with the burden of high temperatures exceeding the seasonal average. The biggest horror is the prolongation of this drought, a condition that over time can lead to very dangerous Archaeology For humans, and not just some inconvenience such as the prohibition of the use of water for garden and plants.

But is there an actual way to stop the problem of lack of precipitation? According to science, one solution could be to use artificial rainChina has already tried to reduce the pollution that characterizes Chinese territory. So let’s see what it is and how artificial rain can be achieved.

How is artificial rain created

rain drought man
Man in the rain – Picture from Pixabay

he is called “cloud rain” It is the climate modification technology he uses Chinese government You will intend to use it, as reported in South China Morning Newspaper.

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This innovative technology consists in the use of Drones or small planes to me “cloud planting” With some silver iodidea compound capable of condensing water molecules present in the air.

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In short, this technology will allow rain or even snow without having to wait for disturbances. Among other things, this is a technology that has already been used successfully in China, given that these drones are already in use 2018on occasions Olympic GamesTo reduce smog during a sporting event.

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According to various studies, this technique can increase precipitation by about 15th%the only Unknown It remains how this innovation can harm the ecosystem. What is certain is that in an emergency like the one we’re experiencing right now, it’s worth a try, just as China has done.

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