MediaTek sells more SoCs than Qualcomm in the US too

MediaTek sells more SoCs than Qualcomm in the US too

fact that Media Tech Both of the company number one regarding me SoC for smartphones It’s a reality now, especially with regard to the low-lying region and in the Asian regions. However, according to the new report prepared by IDCthe company will now be able to win over United States of America.

MediaTek dominates the United States

In fact, the analysis company reported it in Fourth Quarter 2021 The 51% of Android devices Sold in the USA, equipped with MediaTek chipsets, which will be a hit Qualcommhistorically the market leader in the land of “stars and stripes”, whose shares stopped at 47%. However, in the previous quarter, Qualcomm controlled 56%, while MediaTek held 41%. In any case, the rest 2% who is he Exynos from Samsung.

It will be the advantage of the thing above all Samsung Galaxy cheapor theA 12L’A 32 and the J Pure. In fact, these three smartphones represent only 51% For global sales of devices equipped with MediaTek chipsets.

However, it should be borne in mind that in the past few hours, there is another report, which is Counterpoint Researchwhich suggests a different scenario: the market shares of MediaTek and Qualcomm respectively 55% and all 37%.

It is unusual for analytics companies to display such different data, and generally the trends align, even if minimal variation is inevitable. Unfortunately, no further information has been provided by Counterpoint Research to help clarify the situation. However, there is no doubt that MediaTek has managed to consolidate its presence in the United States.

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