That’s what it is

That’s what it is

Even those who have little intention of becoming passionate about numismatics (the scientific study of coins and banknotes), it is still impossible to remain completely unemotional to the fascination of many forms of money, also because even in the digital age and with electronic money increasingly present in our lives , Concept currency Rare is more interesting.

This rare coin is worth 4,500 euros – that’s what it is

In fact, in this 21st century, we continue to have constant use of “physical” currency which also happens to be the “favorite” form of many in the practical field. In Italy, the memory of the various coins that were part of the lira is still very much alive, in particular all those developed from the post-war period until the beginning of the new century.

In some cases, it is possible to get a windfall if you manage to “get your hands” on some coins that are not very old, but in some cases they are rare, or almost rare.

Such is the case of the Italian ten lire, precisely the first type of the Republican era, minted in the early stages of the second post-war period, and thus before the famous “spega” aversion.

The first “modern” 10 lire was minted in Italma, a very common type of aluminum during the 20th century, known as Pegaso but also as Olivo, because these two representations make the issue very recognizable.

It was minted for only 4 years, namely from 1946, the year the Republic was proclaimed, until 1950, the year the aforementioned Spiga version went into production.

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For reasons of the number of specimens but also of a historical factor, the 10 lire Pegaso / Olivo is very interesting, especially in the 1946 and 1947 versions.

In fact, the value of the former can be from 100 euros to more than 500 depending on the conditions, but those of 1947 are rare: the value exceeds a thousand euros if in good condition but the “pieces” in perfect condition are worth up to 4,500 euros.

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