“But is he still a hairdresser?” Federico Fashion Style mocked social media: it’s troubling

“But is he still a hairdresser?”  Federico Fashion Style mocked social media: it’s troubling
Federico Fashion Style mocked him – modaeimmagine.it – ​​Instagram photo

Italy’s most famous hairstylist worries his fans. Let’s find out together what happened.

He rose to prominence thanks to his popular show, Real Time Wonderland Hallnow Federico Fashion Style is one of the most beloved and talked about celebrities of the public, also thanks to its latest Outwhich left his fans speechless.

Despite this, rumors have been circulating for some time about his alleged homosexuality even if the 33-year-old from Anzio has always denied it.

The official announcement came during the interview with very right, a program run by the talented Silvia Tovanen as always. The Romanian hairdresser was chained up for 17 years With his partner, Letizia Porco, with whom he has a daughter, Sophie Mael.

Born and raised in the province of RomeFederico admitted that he fell in love with the profession of hairdressing since he was a child. Her big dream was to be able to open a beauty salon. And at the age of thirteen he began helping in the salon of a friend of his father’s.

Federico Fashion Style had it all

It doesn’t take long before Federico is able to open his own shop, as he soon starts gaining a large number of customers thanks to his innate talent above all else. Indeed, in the following years he opened two more salons, one in Milan and the other in Sardinia.

This popularity of his does not go unnoticed, as does his charisma and eccentricity, characteristics that allow him to communicate with Real Time, which offers him his own program, where he tells and shows the audience original hairstyles and ideas.

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Federico Fashion Style Burlesque – Source Instagram @federicofashionstyle – Modaeimmagine.it

Excessive: The comments are fierce

The totally eccentric and over-the-top look has been an unmistakable stylistic feature of Federico Lauri for years, who now relies on Instagram. 1.1 million followers. The problem lies in the fact that, it seems, even those who have always followed him with affection are beginning to attack him more openly.

In particular, some users have criticized his way of dressing and the fact that he gives himself too much air, always showing himself in the same highly structured poses, as if there was now only one character in front of the camera and of the person he was nothing left. After all, his profession is still a hairstylist, even if some forget it for Laurie. One user wrote: But he is still a hairdresser or model? “. On the other hand, others are worried about his health because he seems to have lost weight in the last period. Another user added: “Worse day by day… You have to take care of yourself, my son…” And it doesn’t seem to be referring to Laurie’s physical health, but rather to his mental health.

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