Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, a new video showing off other features of the game for PS5

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, a new video showing off other features of the game for PS5

Marvel Spider-Man 2 It also showed itself during the state of play this evening, with a long and in-depth analysis video Which showed different New features For the series chapter that will arrive next month on PS5.

First of all, in the trailer it is possible to see something about the new map, which appears almost double the size of the first chapter, with the addition of the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, able to provide great additional diversity to the city. Scenarios.

there Freedom to explore It is therefore greatly enlarged, and is also facilitated by greater speed of movement.

This is also possible thanks to the capabilities of the PS5 SSD, which allows you to manage the assets of the game world more quickly, both in terms of the movement of Spider-Man himself between buildings and the passage from one point to another. of the map, which happens almost instantly.

Great variety of positions

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, photo of New York

Based on what is shown, it appears that both story missions and Side activities It has more variety than we’ve seen so far. The augmented reality sights worn by the two Spider-Men allow them to have an accurate view of what’s happening in the city, thus being able to decide which route to take at any given time.

Once you reach your destination, there are many activities you can do. One aspect that Insomniac seems to have worked particularly hard on is the sense of progression: continuing to explore the city, even beyond the boundaries set by the story mode, allows you to unlock a great deal of Promotions and customizationsWhich leads to important changes in the appearance of the heroes.

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News and press impressions are expected to arrive in the next few hours after a testing session dedicated to journalists organized by Sony in recent days, after seeing the new images of the game on PS5. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be available on October 20, 2023 On PS5.

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