European stocks moved slightly while waiting for German inflation and US GDP

A lackluster start for the main listings of the old continent, after the words of central bankers in Sintra, who announced more interest rate hikes. Saipem climbed into Piazza Avari

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European stock markets are beginning to move slowly, with investors who do not seem convinced by the hawkish tones used by the head of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, and with markets that expect tomorrow a decline in US inflation, after that in Italy. in Milan Ftsy Meb Opens at +0.06% Dax From Frankfurt to -0.03%, the CAC 40 from Paris at +0.14%, theIbex 35 Madrid to + 0.01% and 100 London to -0.06%. The Tokyo Stock Exchange closed unchanged with the index Nikki to +0.12%.

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From Sintra Forum, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell President of the European Central Bank, Christine LagardeThey affirmed their intention to continue restrictive monetary policies to slow down inflation, which is still very high. Today we expect data on consumer prices from Germany and Spain in June Inflation is slowing And it drops below 2%, while GDP data for the first quarter of 2023 and weekly jobless claims from the United States will arrive …

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