How to deduct tuition fees

How to deduct tuition fees

Education expenses must always be declared on Form 730 because they have important tax advantages. However, discounts and bonuses on educational expenses are not valid for everyone: let’s make it clear in this article.

How can you declare Education expenses on Form 730? I can tell you though Studying abroad? There are a lot of questions in this regard from taxpayers and a need for clarification: let’s see what are the most important points and how they are declared as such expenses with the Model 730

Form 730: How to declare custody expenses

The cost of enrolling your children in the nursery they can It is discounted by 19% to a maximum of 632 €. These expenses must be documented and are generally found on a pre-filled Form 730 with the name of Public and private nurseries They are required to send the data to the Revenue Agency each year. However, the advice is to do an extra check even if you have 70 previously compiled.

Form 730: How to declare education expenses

Form 730: Method of Deducting Education Expenses

all about Non-university educational expenses Still guaranteed tax deductible but al 19% up to a maximum of 800 euros per child. This is valid for Kindergarten, primary, secondary and first grade schools, Whether state or equal. Expenses that allow access to reimbursement are:

Registration and attendance fees
– School canteen, assistance with meals and before and after school, school transportation even if it is provided by third parties
School insurance
School trips, language courses, theatrical courses and any other type of study contribution in connection with the extension of the educational offer approved by the bodies of the Institute
Donations earmarked for technological innovation, expansion of the training offer, construction of schools.

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Form 730: How to declare university expenses

also for the university discount due by 19% It is valid to attend undergraduate and specialist courses, master’s courses at universities, doctoral and research courses, ITS, and courses at equivalent conservatories and conservatories. This applies to Public universities while l Private universities In any case approved by MIUR, the cap is calculated on the basis of the disciplinary area of ​​the course attended and the area in which the university is located. to me courses abroad It is always valid 19% off.

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