March 31, 2023

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Giving the “Joe Petrosino” Prize to Regional Counsel Tommaso Pellegrino in the United States –

I was Tommaso Pellegrino awarded the International Joe Petrosino Prize Dedicated to the memory of A cop, originally from Badulla who gave his life to fight crime.

Pellegrino, Regional Consultant for Campania and Medical Director of the Operations Unit for General Surgery and Surgical Oncology and Head of the Breast Unit at the Infirmary Federico II in Naples, received the prestigious award in United State.

An initiative implemented with commitment from beforeAssociation “Joe Petrosino” That the award is allocated every year to personalities who have excelled in fighting the mafia.

Getting the Joe Petrosino Award for me A source of pride as well as great affection – Pellegrino’s words – I regretted not being able to attend the awards ceremony in New York, but there will certainly be opportunities to greet and hug our fellow citizens in the United States live. Sincere thanks to the friends of the Lt. Joseph Petrosino Society in America and especially Thanks Vincenzo Lamanna For having the award for me in New York and for the important and prestigious work he is doing in Italy with the association.”

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