Serie A, Relive MOVIOLA: Juve-Bologna, for Sacchi and the wrong VAR on Morata out of the area. Then double red | league

Serie A, Relive MOVIOLA: Juve-Bologna, for Sacchi and the wrong VAR on Morata out of the area.  Then double red |  league

Below are the main episodes of slow motion From the matches in the early afternoon Saturday of the 33rd of league.

Cagliari – Sassuolo h. 12.30
Berti – Bagliardini
Fourth: HONEY G.
AVAR: Beretti

44′- Dalbert’s cross and Joao Pedro’s header were canceled due to offside by Var.

Sampdoria – Salernitana h. 14.30
Jury – Lombardo
Fourth: Colombo
VAR: Manganiello

4′- Farr checked Fazio’s goal, evaluating his interference on Berezinsky, who was judged to be a regular.

Udinese – Empoli H. 14.30
Beiruti – Sichi
Fourth: foxes
VAR: Magione

39′- Bicao’s intervention on La Mantilla in the Udinese region: protests by Empoli, but referee and Farr leave it.

66′- A clear foul of success on La Mantia, a clear penalty for Empoli.

67′- Pinamonti takes the penalty, Silvestri saves and Bandinelli hits the net. But Bandinelli and a player from Udinese entered the area first, and the referee responded and fled.

Fiorentina – Venice H. 16.30
Raspolini – Busy
Fourth: plant me
VAR: Mazzolini

20′- Protests from both sides: first from Fiorentina for contact with Castrovilli in the region, and then from Venezia for a missed yellow card due to a mistake by Torreira.

Juventus – Bologna e. 18.30
Gallito Zingarelli
Fourth: Kosu
var: guide

80 ‘ The main episode of the match: Somoro pushed Morata, and the Spaniard fell to the ground in Rossoble amid protests from Juventus players. The action continues and Cuadrado hits the crossbar with an empty net. at that point, Sacchi goes to review the suspected episode in VAR to set the penalty for Juventus – interference was judged foul but out of the box, questionable decision – and the red card for Sumouro. Great protests by Medel, initially cautioned and then promptly dismissed as obviously said a few words too many for judgment. Bologna at nine.

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Lazio – Turin h. 20.45
Fourth: the maximum
VAR Technology: Aureliano
Avar: Paganese

56′ Everything is in order for Pellegri’s goal: there is a small push from Pobega to Lazzari but referee Prontera sees everything and considers it not a mistake.

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