Europa League: Roma score the quarter-finals, Real Sociedad CO 2-0 – Sport

Europa League: Roma score the quarter-finals, Real Sociedad CO 2-0 – Sport

Roma beat Real Sociedad 2-0 in the first leg of the Europa League round of 16. In the 13th minute, the Giallorossi found the first goal through El Shaarawy, at the end of a good counterattack after a pass from Abraham. The Spaniards were close to equalizing, with Cobo hitting the post. In the second half, Pellegrini collides with Zobeldia and injures himself in the head: Mourinho takes him back to the locker room. Abraham also leaves and enters Belotti, who hits the crossbar. In the final, Kumbulla made it 2-0 with a header with an inevitable break from Dybala’s corner kick. The second leg is scheduled for March 16 in San Sebastian. register

Roma take shelter from bad surprises and score a dry 2-0 against Real Sociedad who, in the second leg of the next 16 match in San Sebastian, will be called to a real feat if they are to continue their journey in the Europa League. . A “re-montada” in football is possible and always possible, but not if Roma play with the same interest and focus as tonight. With a goal in each half from El Shaarawy and Kompola (another set-piece pass), the Giallorossi resolved a very complicated match, but less dangerous than expected. And this is thanks to the players available to Mourinho who gave the Basques dropper opportunities, especially in the defensive phase. All in all, two teams equal in terms of general technique and ambitions to win this tournament still without Italian winners face each other with more fear of losing than desire to win. In the end, however, Roma were more pessimistic and less profligate, laying the foundations for a less problematic comeback, thanks to the obvious outcome.

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After 13 minutes of study, Roma, this time lining up with Abraham in front, scored, at the height of the throw-in movement developed by Dybala on the right: Argentine Abraham sends vertical, whose width crosses the area from right to left and draws El Shaarawy, who moves to him behind Remiro After running about eighty metres. In the 24th minute, the Basque goalkeeper made a mistake, due to Pellegrini’s pressure, but neither Dybala nor the Roma midfielder took advantage of the gift to sign 2-0. Zubeldia’s right-footed shot in the 27th minute finishes high. In the 31st minute, Pellegrini quickly intercepted a volley from Dybala, from his preferred position, but was unable to frame the goal. Remiro in the 42nd minute risks a second omelette, but Abraham struggles to direct the goalkeeper’s rebound into the goal. In the second half, the Basques returned to the field more decisively, but the match remained veiled: Roma searched for the right pocket, and the opponents did not reveal themselves and actually moved the center of gravity forward, trying to find an equalizer. They almost succeeded in the 10th minute, when Rico’s left foot went close to the post to the right of Rui Patricio, who nevertheless touched the ball. In the 12th minute, Pellegrini, in the next corner, collides with Zobeldia and injures himself in the head: Mourinho takes him back to the locker room. Ibrahim also leaves and Belotti enters. In the 22nd minute, Mancini makes a wonderful throw precisely because of the “Gallo”, which flies, enters the area from the right and cuts the crossbar from a complex position. Pressure is building from Real Sociedad, but Roma hold firm. The Giallorossi mass provides further evidence of reliability. Merino bit his hands in the 38th minute and failed to equalize a few steps away from Rui Patricio. But in the 42nd minute, Roma made the best of what they had: free kicks. From Dybala’s corner, Kumbula closed the score from a few paces away, heading home and making the return to the Basque Country less daunting.

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