Big problems for demo on PC –

Big problems for demo on PC –

Many players complain about PC version from offers to Resident Evil 4. Of course we are talking about a remake. Some can’t start it up, receiving an error on launch, while others report classic stuttering issues, the same ones that plague many of the latest PC launches.

Just in recent days we’ve been talking about problems with the PC version of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, but here we go again.

Capcom themselves have reported frame rate issues known to be in the cards Arch From Intel, which will be resolved with the final release of the game, but in fact, users with a bit of all configurations complain about crashes, unstable swinging and stuttering. There are also issues with the Steam Deck, as the game seems to display several graphical errors.

Someone recommended disabling ray tracing to solve some fluidity issues, but overall, no way has yet been found to prevent the game from returning to the desktop or from shooting without major warnings.

Finally, there are also those who complain about the mouse and keyboard support, apparently not quite optimal. The danger is that if the final version maintains all of these issues (considering that the game should be released on March 24th, the time to fix everything is already short) many could implement the classic bombardment of negative reviews as retaliation, as happened recently to Wo Long E mentioned the aforementioned The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition.

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