Varese basket, 16 penalty points for sports offenses and fraud –

Varese basket, 16 penalty points for sports offenses and fraud –

A bolt from the blue pierces the sky of Palaccanestro Varese: the Federal Court, after the referral of the Public Prosecutor, imposed a penalty of 16 points for acts of fraud and sporting offences. The penalty to be carried out in the current tournamentas Openjobmetis moves from fifth with 28 points to bottom with 12. With only five games left until the end of the regular season, the referee is a great value. Judgment of demotion in LegaDue. Varese president Marco Vittorelli was banned until April 13, 2026, thus three full years.


But what does the Lombardy club object to? Not everything is clear yet, the court formula speaks of “failure to pay all obligations towards registered members, contrary to what was presented during admission to the Italian League Championship 2022-2023.” Probably everything related to Award version presented by Milenko Tepic, who only played 8 matches in 2019-2020 before he was cut. The player claimed unpaid debts – everything could be traced back to the administration before the current administration, by Argentine champion Luis Scola – which is why last fall Varese found himself with an international sanction from the FIBA ​​which prevented any operations in the market until the balance was paid.

Beck and defense

The club settled the situation on very short notice, but for the federal judges, compensation occurred out of time in connection with the need to confirm that all cards for registration were in order. Therefore, the violation was present, and the basis for the error was most likely the oversight of an employee of the club, who did not inform Beck of the award to those who had to complete the bureaucratic procedures and to the president who signed it. Varese will appeal, arguing that since it was an administrative error, the penalty should be a fine (however heavy) without hitting too hard on the sporting side of a team that bears no responsibility. In essence, Varese maintains, he gained no mathematical advantage from the case. A team cannot be penalized for a player who was not present. But the Torino precedent, which was penalized 8 points (and demoted) for irregularities in the contributions of Irpef and Inps, does not help. It is a slab that occurs, among other things, a few days after the presentation of the project to complete and enhance the Masnago sports hall, the corollary of a season that has hitherto been the harbinger of important victories and a much better ranking, with a view to the playoffs than tonight’s predictions.

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Club note

Pallacanestro Varese learns with bewilderment and amazement the verdict of the Federal Court which refers to the events of years ago. Believing that we have not violated any federal law, we are waiting for reasons to understand the reasons for the unexpected decision. We therefore declare that we will immediately file a complaint with the Federal Court of Appeal Until our legitimate defenses are accepted.”

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