Birth of 2003 applications are in progress

Birth of 2003 applications are in progress

The cultural reward for those born in 2003 begins, after the coupon for those born in 2002 expired on February 28. All interested parties can request the bonus by registering on the 18app website: to see how it works and what types of purchases are allowed.

Program application stage Cultural reward paid to young people born in 2003. After the coupons expire for those born in 2022, new rewards will be disbursed by registering on the online platform 18 AB It can even spend February 28, 2023.

Let’s see in the next article how scaling works and any purchases that can be made.

18app culture bonus initially for those born in 2003

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The next will come into effect March 17 The decision of the Ministry of Culture that will officially launch a New phase of bonus application 18The 500 EUR voucher Disbursed for 18-year-olds.

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Interested, this time, it will be Born in 2003which will have time until February 28, 2023 To use amounts. The reward can only be claimed by registering on the site

We remember that the 2022 Budget Law made the reward permanent with the aim of promoting culture and cultural knowledge. The maneuver arranged to allocate €230 million each year starting in 2022.

Culture Bonus 18app: How to use the coupon


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The €500 voucher can be used to do the following the shopping:

  • books (print, e-book, audiobook);
  • Music (music CDs, DVDs, vinyls, online music);
  • newspaper subscriptions (paper and digital);
  • movie tickets (including season tickets or tickets);
  • Concert tickets (including seasonal tickets or tickets for any festivals);
  • tickets for cultural events (eg festivals, cultural fairs, circuses);
  • tickets for museums, monuments, parks and archaeological sites (including seasonal tickets or cards);
  • Tickets for theater and dance performances (including seasonal tickets or tickets);
  • Music courses
  • theater courses
  • Foreign language courses.

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