Euphoria rescues the Eternal Candidate and makes an important announcement

Euphoria rescues the Eternal Candidate and makes an important announcement

trance I reached the equator in the third edition with Seventh ceremony It gave great moments to the TV viewers and it ended with A package that was not liked at all. However, the chain had previously said that there would be an unpublished announcement that had never happened before in a music competition, and it happened. The organization has put an important decision in the hands of viewers: they will be able to choose what next week's concert will look like, traditional or vice versa. You can vote starting today and the poll will continue throughout the week. What do they prefer? With the usual mechanisms or with the jury that decides who leaves and who stays after knowing the audience’s ranking? We won't know what it will be like until next Friday itself, the audience that becomes a screenwriter.

As for the current party, he was expelled reviewAn unexpected decision after being on the tightrope for only two weeks. On the other side of the coin, favorites. On this occasion, the most desired chair was occupied for the first time ever before Xavi names.

Xavi Noms favorite for the first time | TV3

Who took the favorite chair fortrance At this party?

At the previous ceremony, there was only one favorite, a trend that has not been repeated because the judging panel has now pressed the button multiple times. My first favorite was Valeria, which completely changed the recording. They chose a whole hymn for her, Barry By Joan Manuel Serrat. The girl showed that she is the most chameleon in print, she communicated with the message and managed to get goosebumps. He had an angel and a great voice, but his style wasn't the best He did not speak Catalan. From the jury they didn't even mention it, they just kept the best part and I got the best reward. Hey Be the first to occupy your favorite chair at night. “It's been a long time since I cried with the interpretation of a song,”Alfred Garcia From the jury

Valeria has been a favorite for a while - TV3
Valeria was a TV3 favorite for a while

the hazy He was never in the danger zone and he wasn't this week either. He is part of the big favorites to reach the final and that is understandable Very good explanation he gave Diamond By Rihanna. From the program they continue to exploit the chemistry between her and Lluís, a topic that seems to make her more and more uncomfortable. Regardless, the jury praised its stability and scored a three Yes A more than worthy surprise is that She immediately took Valeria's favorite place.

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he Xavi namesOn the other hand, the week started with tuning issues. It was difficult for him to find the tone of the Eurovision theme they gave him, but the live performance was much better than previous shows. They applauded him and gave him their first choice as favourite. He had never heard it before and was so excited: “You liked it and you should stay with this tone because it suits you better,” Alfred told him. Sensitivity and charm, yes, but in a subject that suits him well and can make it easier.

Who were the contestants who were in the danger zone?

This Friday, the jury members thought it was the worst Louis that day review. They both ended up in the danger zone, unfortunately. Later, VAR added music moon Because of the second votes victim Jordi Copino… once again.

he Louis I just played a great song with my guitar, but this week I was faced with the challenge of moving my hips with my new guitar hand. He hits Ido Steve. The boy did not relate to the style of the subject, as expected, because it forced him out of his comfort zone. It's not your strong pointElectrolatino It was evident from some of the dance steps that he did not do a good job. The jury sent him into the danger zone, which is what he actually expected to happen because of it They made a poisonous choice The inflammatory staging didn't help.

The program chose a poisoned song by Lewis - TV3
The program chose the song “Poisoned” by Lewis | TV3

the review He was in the danger zone in the last broadcast and this was a turning point in his passage through the competition. After a few complicated days, she took on a role and wanted to show a more airy version of herself. The change was admired, but the jury felt it was not enough to avoid nomination. Bad news for her again because of her acting. He had to play for his survival in the competition… and it wasn't a happy ending.

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the moon She's been sick with her voice all week and it's making her suffer. I had a lot of difficulty with a topic stay with me De la Pastora Soler, moreover, being the last of the night hurt him. The show was shocking, for that reason, with a very strange giant balloon-shaped skirt. She was out of tune in the upper parts and was out of tune, but the jury chose to save her anyway. She screamed a lot, but inexplicably that didn't get them to nominate her either. Finally, it was VAR who penalized him because they said he stopped singing at one point in the second over. She didn't shut up and clearly said she was very busy.

Moon, nominated again with second votes - TV3
The moon was nominated again with the second vote TV3

the Trainers They saved Lluís For his improvement throughout the competition, a decision that was clearly unexpected and which he said he thought was unfair because he knew his performance was not up to par. When the final vote came, everyone assumed that Luna would eventually be eliminated from the show. However, the Eternal Candidate has returned to being the Eternal Savior… and there are actually quite a few of them. The blind confidence in the 16-year-old, who received 55% of the vote and continues to compete while clearly making more mistakes than the rest, is very surprising. Week after week, they end up nominating her for the second vote, but it seems that's not enough for the public to fire her. We'll have to see what happens next week.

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