Stephanie Monaco takes revenge on her sister, Caroline

Stephanie Monaco takes revenge on her sister, Caroline

She was always pretty and rebellious, however Always in the shadow of his sister Carolinabefore, and his sister-in-law Charlene, after. today, however, Stephanie of Monaco has become a prominent figure in the Monaco royal family, and Prince Albert could not do without his support. with return Monte Carlo CircusAfter two years of hiatus due to the pandemic, she became the absolute star, and for the occasion she also arranged her children. The pages of princess magazines have long been abandoned You will soon be a grandmotherHe devotes himself entirely to his public commitments, stealing the show from everyone else.

Stephanie of Monaco, continued support from Prince Albert

He has tried the path of music, fashion, and sports, but in the end, the world of circus remains his greatest passion. Stephanie Munichwho since 2005, after the death of her father, Prince Rainier, has become she President of the Monte Carlo International Circus FestivalIt also opened the 2023 edition, which is the forty-fifth session in the emirate’s history, after two years of closure due to the global pandemic.

Bright red suit, white shirt, and flanked by her brother, Alberto, who always supported her in all her endeavors. Not only that, but she was also accompanied by her youngest daughter, Camille GottliebAnd by his son Louis Ducroet and his wife Mariewhich They will soon become parents.

All this to support Stephanie on her most important day, which kicks off the big events in Monaco of the twelve months. Other appointments with the circus would follow, some of which, once again promoted by the Princess, would be for charity.

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Carolina and Charlene are overshadowed by Stephanie’s rise

Stephanie from Monaco shines with her own special lightand unfounded, always trying to find its way around The heavy shadow of the Grimaldi womenFrom his mother Grace Kelly to his sister Carolinawith whom he always had a difficult relationship, even his sister-in-law, Charlene, who, on the other hand, seems to be his friend and confidante. Just Stephanie I took care of Jack and Gabriella During the difficult months of the Princess’ illness, a gesture we certainly cannot forget.

The newspapers always say that Alberto is in love with her, the younger sister, whom he always defended and who he often wants by his side, when his wife is not present. It is enough to name it Commander of the Order of San Carlothe highest honor of the Principality of Monaco, for its commitment to AIDS patients.

Rebel yes, but with a heart of gold, so much so that Stephanie is increasingly beloved by her subjects, and He steals the show from Carolina, who is becoming increasingly isolated and distant from the rest of the family, and Charlene. The unexpected rise of a woman who, despite stormy emotional events, manages to weave a role in Monaco, without being upset but working hard.

A golden moment for her, soon-to-be great-great-grandmother, who continues tirelessly to serve her kingdom, carefully choosing the causes that support her, and dedicating herself to them full-time.

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