Three points in his Paul Scudetto debut

Three points in his Paul Scudetto debut

Juventus Milan Women: summary, slow-mo, match report and live report valid for the first day of the Scudetto ball

Send to Campo Ale and Ricky of Vinovo – there Juventus women Successfully opens its own football tournament in Milan: Decided berenstein And the final punishment Caruso.

Juventus Milan Women 2-0: Synthesis and slow motion

3, Bonansea Inventions – Throwing the big ball up the middle for Berensten expected more Bonansea

9, Bonansea occasion – A great header by Nystrom to release Bonanci who hit the goalkeeper alone in front of Giuliani, then it was Berenstein who could find no space to hit the net.

10′ Nystrom shot – A fierce right-footed shot from the outside, the ball slides close to the crossroads

20 Girelli Head – Nice aerial turn on a Lenzini cross from the left. But the ball slides wide

24′ Shooting Dubkova K. – A flying deflection into the area, the ball touched the post to the left of Peraud Magnin who appeared to still be on the track

28. Penalty kick – Mascariello’s launch of Grimshaw, on the verge of offside, which is overshadowed by Peyraud-Magnin. The goalkeeper wastes time making a tackle

29 Piedmont missed the penalty kick – He opens the panel a lot and ends up high on the crossroads

30, Piedmont occasion – Escape Bergamaschi on the right serving Piedmont at the peak of the spot. Another penalty kick, this time on the move, which the Rossoneri striker could not finish

33Nystrom shot – He braces to the extreme and kicks with his right foot. It blocks Peyraud-Magnin without problems

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38 Piedmont occasion – The bad ball in the area was lost by the Juventus Women’s defense. Piemonte looks for the score from the baseline. Peroud Magnin hits back with his feet

46 Start of the second half – It starts again

saying 52 Solo overflows to the left, cuts through the area and kicks towards goal. Nouwen’s detour was decisive

saying 55 The Dutchman does it all himself again and runs away on the left hand, centered. And he beats Giuliani with a subtle board

57 Palo Bergamchi A low cross from the left in which Grosso makes a hole. The ball reaches Bergamaschi, who crosses the post. Then free Juventus in trouble

66 Piedmont Tour – He protects the ball on the goalkeeper and kicks with his left foot. Perrod Magnin extends

79 Nelden Returns – The Swede returns to the field after the long hiatus

88 Caruso Shooting – Razor wide on the outside, Giuliani is in control

90 + 4, penalty kick for Juventus – The uncontainable Berenstein was tripped up by Mesjasz

90 + 4 ‘ Caruso goal – He only managed to touch Giuliani

Juventus Women’s Player of the Year: Berensten Report Cards

Juventus Milan Women 2-0: Results and match table

retired وthe: 55 Berenstein, 90 + 4 devices. Caruso

Juventus women (4-4-2): Beroud Magnin; Gamma (79 degrees Nielden), Salvai, Immignant, Linzini; Bonancy (62° Cantor), Caruso, Grosso, Berenstein; Nystrom, Girelli (90+2 Duljan). everyone. Montemoro. available. April, Forcinella, Simon, Schatzer, Pfatner

Milan (4-3-3): Giuliani; arnadottir, msgas, noen, thrig; K. Dubcova, Mascarello (74 Adami), Grimshaw; Bergamchi (82′ Pahloli), Piedmont, Thomas. everyone. Ganz. available. Fidel, Papp, Faussetti, Vigilucci, Sofia, Dubkova, Cesarini

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to rulemonaldi

ammonite: 7, Bergamchi, 45, Mascarello. 77 Arnadottir

Juventus Milan Women: Before the match

2.50 pm – Heating problem for Gunnarsdottir: Girelli is in place

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