You won’t recognize your garden anymore

You won’t recognize your garden anymore

Sugar in plants: This is the secret and the magic trick that nursery workers and expert gardeners recommend. You won’t recognize your garden anymore: try and you won’t believe your eyes.

Sugar in the garden –

With intense heat and insect infestation, it is easy to damage the plants in your garden or vegetable garden. In addition to factors of an external nature, there are internal ones, as well as a lack of minerals and vitamins that can make your plants weak and not very luxurious.

Often, expensive methods and specific products are used that can be completely ineffective in stimulating plant growth. Dull and fluffy leaves? Just a sprinkle of white sugar and cinnamon on the ground for really amazing results.

sugar in plants
Sugar in plants –

Garden and Botanical Garden: Reasons for Weak Plants

Not everyone knows that there are several reasons that lead to a Weakening or yellowing of plant leaves. A lack of nutrients, including nitrogen, iron and manganese, or too much water, can cause leaves to turn yellow.

Me too’Excess salt deposits On the leaves of plants or flowers causes the weakening of the leaves, roots and branches of plants. Plant growth is also hampered by other factors, including drought, reduced chlorophyll production, lack of sunlight, and excessive exposure to cold and wind.

Sugar and cinnamon in plants: what are the effects?

How do you prevent yellowing of plant leaves and give new light to plant leaves? Nursery and gardening experts recommend the use of a A spoonful of sugar and cinnamon.

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The Sugar It is an excellent natural ingredient that provides a good supply of energy to the brain, fights the proliferation of bacteria and helps fortify plants. sugar is Natural anti-fungal It is able to capture water and create an environment unsuitable for the growth of bacteria and parasites.

The legislation also interferes with the issue of sugar: regulation no. 916 of 2014 approved the use of sucrose as a base material. sugar has jobsPlants’ natural defensesThrough the remarkable photosynthesis of chlorophyll, they produce an even more complex and precious substance, glucose.


there cinnamon It is a spice capable of killing fungi and insects, protecting seedlings and stimulating the healing of damaged leaves and roots. Just pour a spoon to prevent bacterial growth and reproduction and to stimulate plant growth.

sugar in plants
Sugar in plants –

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