Finocchiona PGI, suitable for export to the USA: 13% of production will go abroad

Finocchiona PGI, suitable for export to the USA: 13% of production will go abroad

Finocchiona PGI lands in the USA. US federal offices have recognized Tuscany as a “swine necrosis-free zone” and have begun the acceptance process (which will end on October 23) for the product, with the decree published in the Federal Register.

“The American market represents an important sales opportunity for our products,” comments the company president Finocchiona Igp Protection Union, Alessandro Iacomoni. “We estimated that 250,000 kilograms of Finocchiona IGP per year, equivalent to 13% of current production, would be able to land on the US market,” he explains.

For the district chief, Eugene GianniIt’s a historic day. “We celebrate the goal achieved thanks to the teamwork between institutions and producers, which will open a truly promising market, which has always been very attentive to the typical flavors and features of our region,” he said.

The process of exporting the product abroad began in 2016, with the aim of proving that Tuscany He is An area free of vesicular diseasesThis is a necessary condition to obtain the green light for fresh meat to enter the market.

«Despite checking the regularity of the path and procedures on our farms and resolving all formal aspects – notes the Vice President and Agri-Food Advisor, Stephanie Sacardi – We were unable to obtain the signature from the US authority that would have allowed the export of Finocchiona PGI. finally today, Seven years later, and also after meetings with the embassy in the United Statesthe US Consul in Florence and the attention of the Secretary of State, participants through the Finocchiona Igp Protection Union, we can say that this also exceptional salami, made with the development of an important regional supply chain, can open up to a market that has become more interested in Tuscany and our country than ever before. “It’s gone.”

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