The exhibition “Women and Science” opened with Ora Basta

In the city hall the exhibition “Woman and Science” promoted by the group of associations of Ura Pasta

“The exhibition proposes to think about stem women and access the scientific sector, which is still often considered the prerogative of men”

Merit – A photographic exhibition recounting the relationship between “Women and Science”, Highlighting, with testimonies of those who have made their way in a world that has fallen many times in males, the difficulties and resistances found by women who have ventured into the study of scientific disciplines, and then asserted themselves in this sector.

From this morning, Saturday, town hall hall Hosts the exhibition “Women and Science” created by the Toponymy Association Feminelee suggested by the group its enough Among the initiatives scheduled for November 25 is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The exhibition will remain on display until November 19, daily from 10 to 12 and from 15 to 17:30 The hope is that many (and not) people from Merate will be able to look into City Hall to discover the story of the many women who have dedicated their lives to science. Not only that: the goal is also to be able to suggest a discussion about toponyms, they remind us that to overcome gender stereotypes it is also important to re-emerge, through feminine traces, omitted stories.

“Today we are opening an exhibition that comes from Agnesi High School and Viganò Institute,” said Franca Rosa, on behalf of Merate in Comune, the main association of Ora Basta. For years we have been organizing initiatives to explain the difference between homicide and femicide. Last year we opened the red seat in viale Lombardia, inspired by the experiences of Osnago and Montevecchia. This year we started a cycle of proposals with a meeting with Vera Gheno at Robbiate which we will conclude on the 27th with a show at the Auditorium.”

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Amalia Bonfante
Amalia Bonfante, President of the Other Half of Heaven

Amalia BonfanteHe stressed, on behalf of the other half of Heaven, the importance of awareness initiatives because incidents of violence arise precisely from a lack of respect for and recognition of the value of women: “After the closure, the world. Just think that in our first reception house, where women and children who risk their lives are welcomed, last year we welcomed 23 women and 27 minors.. Even the activity at the desk never stopped, on the contrary. So all events and training initiatives are welcome because prevention is better than cure.”

Franca Magoni

A concept also reaffirmed by the Welfare and Equal Opportunity Adviser Franca Magoni (present at vernissage with his colleague Albanian fiorenzaReferring to the terrifying year due to Covid, he stressed that on these “sensitive issues, we cannot afford to be silent”. As for the exhibition, Maggioni talks about a “full-body gallery,” and invites you to take a few minutes to read even the personal files without stopping at the photos.

Franca Rosa

The Association of Female Toponyms presents various exhibitions on this topic, but we chose to propose this exhibition because it was first hosted at the Borsellino Auditorium at Merano High Schools, where it was a huge success – concluded Rosa -. We wanted to propose a reflection on the women, scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians of Stem to highlight the obstacles that girls have found to get on the science path. Resistance that still exists to this day, for example, in the IT sector, which seems to be the exclusive right of men.”

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