Fruits and vegetables are expensive in gold: here’s what to buy and what to avoid in Genoa

Fruits and vegetables are expensive in gold: here’s what to buy and what to avoid in Genoa

Genoa. High prices are felt not only on bills and fuel, but also in everyday shopping. This is confirmed by the consumer price index set by the Statistical Office of the Municipality of Genoa: Factories in February 2022 recorded an average increase of 16.5% compared to the same month last year, but without significant changes from the previous month (+0.1%). Blame it on the amazing rise of transportation fees but also the gods high prices on Fertilizersnot to mention the expenses greenhouse heating making price basil.

To better understand the situation and write some advice for purchases, we took a tour of eastern market, the traditional reference point for the center of Genoa. Some examples: Regarding vegetables, they are amazing Zucchini and cucumber about 3 euros per kilo and fennel 3.50 eurosAnd artichokes at 1.50 euros each. Oranges and clementines cost about 3 euros per kilo, as with pear I’m there The type of fruit most affected by the price hike (+32.3% nationwide compared to February 2020). Still unapproachable Strawberry Priced at 7.50 euros per kilo.

“The Rising prices They invested all the produce – explains the owner of the fruit and vegetable counter – but especially Coming from Sicily and the south Because for a week he was actually there land transport block Because of the high cost of gasoline. talking especially about Citrus fruits, tomatoes and strawberries in increments of approximately 30%.Some problems have also been recorded on goods coming from Sardinia.

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What is better to buy? Artichokes and potatoeswhich is still at a good price or at least with moderate price increases.” Not expensive in generic vegetables like cabbage And the Broccoli. As for the fruit, another seller explains, “le apples All are comfortable.” Fortunately, the outlook for spring and summer is good. “Why There was no big frost And the flowers have not spoiled.” But it is clear that everything should be considered free of repercussions from transportation costs.

Vegetables top the price hike platform, but it’s the entire basket that costs the most. Citing again the findings of the municipality of Genoa, compared to last year, it has increased especially fish (7.7%), bread and cereal (5.4%)but also oils and fats (3.7%), meat (2.7%), milk, cheese and eggs (2.4%), for a total 5.7% under food products. Also in this case, the fuel costs ( diesel representing now A real emergency for fishermen) and raw materials (the price of flour In some cases, it doubled).

Eastern fish market fish market prices

The advice is to buy From our seas, like anchovies, which were not waived, but did not record significant increases. On the other hand, fish that comes from abroad is on average 30% more expensive,” and they still explain to us among the eastern shoals. Even in the butcher’s shop there is no kidding: “Double the chicken, turkey, and pork. Many farms stopped because they could not afford heating. We recommend focusing on meat bovine Which has maintained fairly good prices.” Processed meats and cheeses do not register certain increases “but the problem is that Goods often arrive several days late‘ says the saleswoman.

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Once again, in short, I’m there energy crisis Therefore Transportation To have a greater impact on the wallets of citizens. Genoa data sees a heavy figure compared to February 2021 + 77.2% on electricity, + 60.3% on gas, + 30.3% on heating oil. Overall, over the full range of goods and services, the increase recorded on an annual basis is 6.5%, while the increase on a monthly basis is 0.8%.

Prices of vegetables and fruits in the eastern market

The resulting decrease in purchasing power led to another phenomenon: “We had one Big drop in customers – Telling different operators via XX Settembre -. Usually the market is always full on Friday, and now it seems almost empty. “Why?”More and more supermarkets are opening and people go shopping there Fresh produce because they find better prices, even if it comes at the expense of quality. We never recovered after Covid Moving forward is even more difficult.”

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