Al-Basbal renews Torrent Wallmin Dibba for the first time on February 2nd

Al-Basbal renews Torrent Wallmin Dibba for the first time on February 2nd

Xevi Torrent base and Lamin Dibba hub They are the first two renovations of the new Solgironès Bisbal Bàsquet project in the old Segona FEB, LEB Plata. The club, which will also keep coach Carles Ruves on the bench, although an official announcement has not been made, is working on sporting planning and searching for financial resources to ensure that the budget of more than 200,000 euros that has been set is covered. Necessary by jumping to the third division of Spanish men’s basketball.

In this way, Torrent will live his fifth season at the club, where he is the big haystack on the field. In fact, the guard already has experience in LEB Plata, a category he tasted with Vic. For his part, Lamine Dibba will complete his third season with the club. The axis, which has a height of 2.08 meters, will now have the opportunity to show itself in a higher category Having emerged these years as a great player in the EBA, a category in which he also played for Basket Girona II. In fact, with Marc Gasol’s club, he made his debut in the LEB Or in the 2020/21 season.

Municipal contribution

On the other hand, the Bisbal City Council, in plenary session on Monday, agreed to increase cooperation with the local basketball club as a result of the promotion. As the city’s mayor Oscar Aparicio explained to this newspaper yesterday, the allocation of 30,000 euros for modifications to the old pavilion in preparation for the move to Sigona in February has been increased by 50,000 euros, up to 80,000 euros, to obtain the new baskets requested by the federation, setting new marks. , adaptation of the press room space and other improvements. “The goal is for Bisbal to play La Bisbal,” says Aparicio.. In addition, the government team also increased the club’s nominal support from 15,000 to 65,000 euros, 50,000 more than it had been so far. In addition, there is a project to renovate the locker rooms and the roof of the old pavilion, which the fire department is currently studying. In this same plenary session, a sum of €150,000 was also approved for bidding for the formulation of the long-awaited new wing, which could become a reality in the 2027/28 academic year.

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