Endangered production by the USA

Endangered production by the USA

What will be the future Batteries made in Italy, USA? The new US law, which only encourages the purchase of electric cars, which are produced directly in North America, ended up being over. The consequences for Italian industry could be disastrous, if not devastating. the 48% of the production of lithium-ion batteries – We are talking about half of the production that takes place in our country – You may experience severe delays. If not resized or deleted. These are the numbers announced by a report prepared by him Transport and Environment (T&E)which is the European lobby for the sustainable transport sector.

In short, this analysis highlighted that in Europe, At least 68% of the production capacity of lithium-ion batteries Projections for the next few years are in jeopardy. The position came about after the introduction of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), a law approved in Washington, that is intended to favor Local production of green technologies.

Batteries, how does the scenario change

In short, battery production is in jeopardy, including Italian ones. Against this background, T&E believes thatEurope must develop common financial support instrumentswhose goal must be the growth of production volumes and which favors, above all, simpler licensing procedures.

T&E went on to analyze 50 gig factory condition – where the batteries will be manufactured – which was announced in Europe. It proceeded to assess the financial viability of the projects, their licensing status, but above all, the potential certainty of a production site. The analysis later took into account possible links between these companies, which should build the factories, and the United States. The result is the following: 1.2 TWh of battery production in Europe At least 18 million electric vehicles can be equipped with them – at present Is at high or moderate risk of discontinuation. Or, at least, resettlement. In the event of a loss of such production volumes, Europe may not be able to meet the internal demand for complexes, which is expected to reach by 2030. The Old Continent will therefore have to resort to large import quotas from foreign competitors.

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most affected countries

there GermanyIn absolute numbers, it will prove to be the country most affected by the US decision: 87 GWh of production capacity is at high risk. Soon after comes a fileItaly, with 45 GWh. However, the situation is different, if you look at the percentage data: our country will be the country that will suffer the greatest impact from this issue, with 48% being at high risk. Washington’s decision is tied to Chinese dominance in the battery sector. there Global share of European investment in battery production It fell from 41% in 2021 to just 2% in 2022.

Battery investment in the US and China has continued to grow, and European companies have already indicated expansion into America – writes T&E -. The report goes on to say that companies’ limited resources to increase production, as well as reduced availability of raw materials, make the battery race between the US and Europe a zero-sum game, with the US taking new production quotas..

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