Maximum fine for the passenger

Maximum fine for the passenger

Try opening a file Barriers From the plane he was traveling on, and then he went to one of the flight attendantsHe hit her and cut her in the neck with a broken metal spoon. Horror moments in flight 2609 Los Angeles Boston United Airlines uses the Boeing 757.

Trying to open the hatch on the plane in flight

According to the testimonies of passengers, flight attendants, and flight attendants, the 33-year-old from Massachusetts Francisco Severo Torres He managed to “disarm” at least one of the security systems in one of the aircraft’s emergency doors before the crew and the passengers themselves could stop it.

Torres, in a frenzy, tried to open the hatch about 45 minutes after arriving at the airport, that is, when the car had already begun the final stage of the flight, preparing for landing. The tailgate handle has been moved about a quarter in the open direction.

The flight attendant was injured

And US media indicated that the passenger was not caught red-handed. However, both the flight attendants and the passengers had no doubts that it was he who was the protagonist of the foolish and extremely dangerous act.

When Torres was pressured by the crew, he lost his nerve and threw himself at the flight attendant, injuring his neck.

Narrow escape and landing and what the passenger faces (fine and imprisonment)

The captain, having returned the handle to the correct position and making sure that the passenger could no longer damage it, completed the flight.

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In a second, when the car had already descended, it turned out that Torres had asked another passenger about the work of the safety handles.

Torres faces several years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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