March 25, 2023

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BTP Italia March 2028, how does the second deposit day go

The status of the 19th tranche of BTP Italia resumed. At the end of day one, the bond due in March 2028 had orders for around €3.64 billion.

Also marking Btp Italia status in March 2028 SoldiOnline will keep track of the progress of the show with constant updates. This is the 19th slide since – in March 2012 – MEF released this tool, Indexed in Italian inflation And designed expressly for young savers.

The placement period is between Monday, March 6, 2023, and Thursday, March 9, 2023. The first three days for savers, and the last for institutional operators.

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BTP ITALIA – BUS 19: DAY 2 LIVE (March 7, 2023)

10.25 am – An hour and a half after the second day of placing Btp Italia in March 2028 they arrived Purchase orders of around 768 million euros on the basis of 33,000 contracts. The total order for the security, including the order related to the first day of supply, is equal to more than 4.4 billion euros.

9.30 am – Btp Italia March 2028 status continues at a fast pace. The second day of the show opened with subscriptions of €330 millionwhich brings the amount collected so far to nearly 4 billion euros.

9.00 am – The deposit of the 19th batch of BTP Italia has been resumed. At the end of the first day, the bond due in March 2028 has been received Orders of approximately 3.64 billion euroscompared to 3.18 billion received on the first day by BTP Italia in November 2028 in November 2022.


17.30 – The first day of the new BTP Italia deposit due in March 2028 has closed The collection value is around 3.64 billion euros. More than 132 thousand contracts have been signed. In the previous edition of November 2022, orders collected on the first day of filing amounted to approximately €3.18 billion, based on 103,000 contracts.

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17.00 – About half an hour after the end of the first day of placing BTP Italia in March 2028 The order exceeded 3.55 billion euros, based on 129,000 contracts. Subscriptions have already exceeded the total for the first day of placing BTP Italia in November 2028.

16.00 – The presentation of the 19th slide of BTP Italia continues at a fast pace. About seven hours after placement Orders amounted to 3.27 billion euros, based on more than 118,000 contracts. At the same time in the pre-November 2022 issue, orders amounted to €2.89 billion from about 94,000 contracts.

15.00 – In the first six hours of placing BTP Italia March 2028 The order exceeded 2.87 billion eurosbased on approximately 104,000 contracts.

2.00 p.m – The situation of the 19th tranche of BTP Italia continues at a good pace. Five hours after placing BTP Italia March 2028 The total orders amounted to 2.55 billion eurosbased on 93 thousand contracts.

12.45 – At BTP Italia March 2028 It exceeded two billion euros in funding. After approximately four hours of placement Orders amounted to €2.17 billion from more than 78,000 contracts. The pace of sign-ups remains higher than placement in November 2022.

11.30 am – The development of the 19th batch of BTP Italia continues at a rapid pace. After about two and a half hours of placement Orders amounted to more than €1.5 billion based on nearly 57,000 contracts. At the same time in the previous issue in November 2022, orders amounted to 1.43 billion euros, from more than 45,000 contracts.

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10.30 am – About an hour and a half after placing Btp Italia March 2028 they arrived Orders for nearly one billion euros from about 37 thousand contracts. For the previous issue of BTP Italia, just under 30,000 orders arrived in the merchant book at the same time, with a corresponding value of more than 935 million euros.

9.30 am – About half an hour after the placement, the orders arrived 373 million euros based on nearly 15,000 contracts . Meanwhile, in the previous IPO in November 2022, orders amounted to 337 million euros for more than 11,000 contracts.

9.00 amPlacement started From the 19th batch of BTP Italia (due March 2028). In the previous 18 issues, the Treasury collected about 193.1 billion euros from the respective instrument.

BTP ITALIA, Productivity

BTP Italy Every six months, it separates its voucher and reassessment calculated on the cost of living.

MEF reported extent Guaranteed minimum couponwhich will be equal to 2% net (to which the value of inflation will be added). Higher return than the previous tranche rate.

Help yourself Guaranteed minimum rates (net) Previous positions:

  • The first tranche (March 2012): 2.45%.
  • The second tranche (June 2012): 3.55%.
  • The third tranche (October 2012): 2.55%.
  • Fourth tranche (April 2013): 2.25%.
  • Fifth tranche (November 2013): 2.15%.
  • The sixth tranche (April 2014): 1.65%.
  • Seventh tranche (October 2014): 1.15%.
  • The eighth tranche (April 2015): 0.5%.
  • The ninth tranche (April 2016): 0.4%.
  • The tenth tranche (October 2016): 0.35%.
  • The eleventh tranche (May 2017): 0.45%.
  • The twelfth tranche (November 2017): 0.25%.
  • Thirteenth tranche (May 2018): 0.4% (later revised to 0.55%).
  • The fourteenth tranche (November 2018): 1.45%.
  • Fifteenth tranche (October 2019): 0.6% (later revised to 0.65%).
  • The sixteenth tranche (May 2020): 1.4%.
  • The seventeenth tranche (June 2022): 1.6%.
  • The eighteenth tranche (November 2022): 1.6%.

BTP ITALIA: Previous transfer results

BTP Italia debuted in March 2012, and in more than 10 years it has brought 193.1 billion euros into the country’s coffers.

Here the Previous placement results:

  • The first tranche (March 2012): 7.29 billion euros.
  • The second tranche (June 2012): 1.74 billion euros.
  • Third tranche (October 2012): 18.01 billion euros.
  • Fourth tranche (April 2013): 17.06 billion euros.
  • Fifth tranche (November 2013): 22.27 billion euros.
  • The sixth tranche (April 2014): 20.56 billion euros.
  • Seventh tranche (October 2014): 7.51 billion euros.
  • The eighth tranche (April 2015): 9.38 billion euros.
  • The ninth tranche (April 2016): 8.01 billion euros.
  • The tenth tranche (October 2016): 5.22 billion euros.
  • The eleventh tranche (May 2017): 8.59 billion euros.
  • The twelfth tranche (November 2017): 7.11 billion euros.
  • The thirteenth tranche (May 2018): 7.71 billion euros.
  • The fourteenth tranche (November 2018): 2.16 billion euros.
  • The fifteenth tranche (October 2019): 6.75 billion euros.
  • The sixteenth tranche (May 2020): 22.3 billion euros.
  • The seventeenth tranche (June 2022): 9.44 billion euros.
  • The eighteenth tranche (November 2022): 11.99 billion euros.

BTP ITALIA: pending stock prices