Commisso meets Nardella “face to face positively” The day of truth is approaching

Commisso meets Nardella “face to face positively” The day of truth is approaching

Face to face positive. This is what was held yesterday morning in Palazzo Vecchio between Mayor Dario Nardella and Fiorentina President Rocco Commisso. They both walked out of the room with more than half a smile on their lips. A sign that the chat about the future of the Franchis, this time, did not hit a wall of bewilderment. The two discussed the start of the renovations that should start by the end of 2023, the infrastructure works connected to the Campo dei Marte, as well as those born in Bagno a Ripoli with Viola Park, the club’s sports center. Starting a business, on paper, will be possible thanks to the awarding of lots without business interruption.

A card the municipality could play is to find the missing resources, after €55m of European funding has been removed by ministerial decree, and move on. The first tranche, according to this scheme, will be the 130 million that the Ministry of Culture spends with the PNC, which is the national plan that complements the Pnrr. But in the meantime, there are only three days left until June 13th. In fact, by next Tuesday, bidders will have to submit offers for the integrated contract announced by the municipality. “Offloading” businesses in batches can also allow the offending company to continue using Franchi. But these are just hypotheses for now. Hypotheses to be considered along with the appeal to Tar from the project signed by Arup for Franchi.

This was filed by the Pln Project Advocate, Heirs of Nervi Foundation, v Ministry of Culture, Municipality and Authority. Objective: In the meantime, obtain a stay from the Administrative Court for the municipality project. Not an easy target given the ironclads that must exist to freeze a project within Pnrr. The game remains fully unlocked. Meanwhile, Commisso’s words are pending: on the 11th today the beneficiary has called a press conference in Franchi to talk about the team in the Tour. And maybe kick the ball into the stands.

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