World Athletics Championships: Amosan, gold in the 100 hurdles, world record and … Michael Johnson’s doubts

World Athletics Championships: Amosan, gold in the 100 hurdles, world record and … Michael Johnson’s doubts

Storm on Eugene. Nigerian breaks stratospheric record by 12, but former runner doesn’t suit him: ‘I don’t think these results are correct’

From our reporter Andrea Bongiovanni

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“Subject to the usual homogenization procedure” reads the caption relating to the asterisk placed by the International Federation next to the initials “WR”, “World Record” and “World Record”. Standing beside the 12″12 Nigerian 25-year-old Toby Amosan achieved in the first semi-final of the 100 hurdles. Set at least in the wind detection, because the anemometer indicated +0.9 meters per second. Otherwise, in the final he won By less than two hours later, he would have done better: 12″ 06 with +2.5. unheard of. For the rest…


In the first case, 0″ 144 reacted to the shot, a bouncy dance between the barricades. The lead over the previous limit, signed in 2016 by American Kendra Harrison (who ended up at 12″ 27 a gorgeous turn) is 8/ 100, the widest in the past 42 years. The girl who resides in the United States, a student at the University of Texas El Paso, is not just anyone. She won the 2018 Commonwealth Games and was fourth in the Tokyo Olympics. However, no one could have imagined that she would get this far. Certainly some also doubt that Toby, just the day before, in the qualifiers, set his African record without being better (if it makes sense to say so) than 12″40. A 1/100th improvement. Now that’s an increase he can’t help but To be surprised, especially in light of the overall results of the semi-finals.

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“I don’t think these results are correct – Michael Johnson commented immediately -: Twelve personal records, five national records, and the surprise on all the girls’ faces. In the second round, the winner’s time, 12″ 53, quickly became 12″ 43 . there is something wrong”. Jamaican Danielle Williams raced in 12″ 41, British Cindy Semper in 12″ 50, a national record. Obviously referring to the timing system. Without detracting from Amosan, the first Nigerian to hold the world record, this time the star sign did not seem justified. Even if the final score (0″ 130 reaction), with silver for Anderson and bronze for Puerto Rican Camacho-Queen with the same 12″ 23 (uniform 5/1000), confirmed the extraordinary nature of the day. .

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