Ferrari, Vasseur surrender: “It’s very difficult to understand”

Ferrari, Vasseur surrender: “It’s very difficult to understand”

A “disastrous” weekend, as he described it LocklearAnd a car that doesn’t run, despite the upgrade package offered in Barcelona. there Ferrari He cannot figure out how to solve his problems. In the flying lap well, in the race rather than in moments where he crashes badly. And those make a huge difference. Team manager Vasseur He said many things after the race: “The global picture is the same. We are there in qualifying, not in the race. We are fighting for the same car between blocks and sometimes between the same blocks. In Barcelona we were ahead.Aston MartinBut this is not enough. We have to work hard.”

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Wasser: “The car is difficult to understand.” Alternate behaviors in the race
However, the Frenchman bitterly declared that Ferrari could not solve the problems because he did not define them. And he takes Leclerc’s car’s performance in Barcelona as an example: “It’s very difficult to understand and solve, because it’s not always the same problem – as he said after the Barcelona race – on Charles’ car, for example, with the first and the third task with the same compound, the balance was misplaced and the latter was Excellent “. And also Sainz’s stint: “Carlos did a good first and last stint, and between them he lost 15 or 20 seconds over competitors.”

Ferrari, work is underway to avert catastrophe in 2023
In short, Vasseur and all the technicians who work in Maranello and on the track just can’t find the balance. Ferrari keeps looking for the solution, but can’t find it. Several solutions are needed. But he is groping in the dark. Time has passed, and the World Cup has already gone, but a solution must be found to avoid complete defeat at least in the 2023 tournament.

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