Oques Grasses begins the presentation tour for the new album with a packed concert in Girona

Oques Grasses begins the presentation tour for the new album with a packed concert in Girona

After its release two weeks agoDeleri fruit(Halli Recordings, 2024) And from the first experience last week at Cruïlla DO Terra Alta in Patea, Fat geese He kicked off his new tour Saturday night with a concert at Exhibition Palace to GironaWhere he presented his sixth album within a framework Stranz Festival.

In front of 7,000 people and the reopening of the Palau de Fires venue, which had already hosted the Antònia Font show at the end of September to open the Temporada Alta festival, the group from Osuna started strong.

All members of the group stood on stage dressed in black, with a cape reminiscent of the frog from the movie “La Casa de Papel” and a black mask with a strip of LED lights in front of their eyes covering their entire face.

The first to take off his mask was Josep Montero, the group's singer. He did this by looking at one of two handheld cameras that moved around the stage at all times to provide closer and wider shots. His image appeared at this moment in the center of the stage, inside the giant eye of LED light that shone on the tour site, as it did throughout the concert with the images captured by these cameras.

The concert, which sold out tickets available weeks ago, began with one of the new songs (“Molta tralla”) and continued with tracks from previous albums of his repertoire such as “Elefants”, “Crying and Laughing” or “Kick It”, the second song played in Girona from The new album was “Gossejar”, followed by “Com el dia i la nit” and “Com está el pátí”, which resulted in all songs interpreting this arrangement: “Ping pong”. “, “Lift your head”, “touch”, “retire”, “run across the fields”, “sort de to” and “bambi”.

The concert culminated after nearly two hours with one of the most famous songs of the group's career: “The People I Love.” This was the Osonecs' first large-scale concert, after bidding farewell to the stage at the beginning of 2023 and filling Palau Sant Jordi, breaking the venue's attendance records with 18,400 people.

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a tour

The concert presentation of “Fruit del Deliri” in Girona was awaited with great anticipation after the great reception received by the album, which added up to more than five million copies in its first week on platforms and which has already become third in the list of best-selling records in the country. .

This album, also critically acclaimed, marks a change in the group's usual tone from Osuna, which leaves aside the woodwinds to give the lead to the synthesizers. Thus it was also seen live with a large presence of lights and effects.

This 2024 tour, which has just started, will tour festivals around the country such as Cabró Rock (Vic), Canet Rock (Canet de Mar), Cruïlla (Barcelona), the Empordà (la Bisbal d'Empordà) music festival or Sons del Mon. (Roses).

Mama dosha de taloner

Osuna band performed this Saturday night in Girona with Mama Dousha performing as opening act. The Barcelona artist admitted before the concert that it was his first time singing in front of such a large number of people. He said, “I have never performed a concert in front of this number of people. Yesterday I performed a concert in front of 300 people and today, but desire overcame nerves.”

Additionally, he was excited to be able to share the stage with Osuna's band. “I'm alive, and I almost feel like I'm watching the Oques concert more than I want to do my own concert,” he said, adding that they “deserve all the success they've had.”

In Girona, Mama Dousha presented tracks from the first EPs she will release this year, “Segur que m'equivoco,” as well as the song she released on Friday, “Que chévere,” from the second EP she will release on May 24. Of the two EPs, Mama Dousha said They're “a contrast, between the more insecure part (of her first EP) and the more empowering and celebratory part (which she's about to release).”

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With her set that culminated in the song “Rikite”, Mama Dosha connected with the audience, which followed her signature energetic dance from the beginning of the concert, dancing from the “paquito el chocletero” step to the one-sided “conga”. From one dance floor to the next. Towards the end of the concert, before introducing the first song from the EP, the crowd cheered him on by chanting his name.

Regarding the concert, Mama Dosha said that they were conscientiously preparing it so that “it was compact and had meaning, text and narrative, so that people would be moved by the songs,” as it ended up happening. The fact that “Rikiti” is his most successful song, Mama Dosha confirmed, does not bother him. “I still think it's great that he's there because he's a good definition of a mama dosha,” he concluded.

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