Coca-Cola is in danger: it will no longer be found, that’s why!

Coca-Cola is in danger: it will no longer be found, that’s why!
Coca-Cola – Street Food News

Coca-Cola is one of the most drank soft drinks in the world, and now there’s bad news: it’s no longer on supermarket shelves. Let’s see what happens.

all over the world There are many non-alcoholic beverages that are sold and consumedmany of which are carbureted and among the most famous and highly regarded are the coca colaa drink that was born in 1886 and has since appeared on the tables of restaurants and homes.

Coca-Cola was born in America, but it soon spread to all countries of the world. It has become a favorite drink From the smallest to the largest. Scattered in different countries there are factories producing this chi Every year they produce billions of bottles.

The largest factory in Europe is located in England, a Wakefield And in recent weeks A piece of news that upset all Coca Cola fansWhich worries them about its availability in the supermarket.

In the uk is coming to An alarming shortage of Cokeand the reason strikes that occur in the factory A shortage of this drink is expected on grocery shelves. Let’s see why and what to expect.

Coca Cola UK Factory

The factory located in Wakefield produces not only the world’s favorite soft drink, but also other soft drinks such as Fanta, Schweppes, Sprite, Monster And many other things. What is causing this havoc Factory workers strike over wages And in the coming weeks, more and more employees may join this protest.

very far like Unions fail to reach an agreement with the company, the British can bid farewell to their beloved Coca-Cola and other soft drinks. Negotiations are currently under way to be able to change the salaries of employees, otherwise 89% of them will strike without thinking twice.

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Coca-Cola – Street Food News

employee wage agreement

Trade unions They are negotiating but over the last few days the company has made £15 billion and operating profit of around £1.85 billion.That is why the employees are protesting and demanding higher wages than the current one.

functional regionalism Autism, Chris Rawlinson He said union representatives had several meetings with the company To get a higher share of profits From the beverage manufacturer.

Everything revolves around itReducing the cost of living for workersas defined by functional e Refusal of this increase may lead to the absence of Coca-Cola or other UK soft drinks.

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