“Emboli is an important stage to win”

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Allegri’s press conference: Juventus coach’s words on the eve of Empoli, Juventus are valid for the 27th match of the Italian Serie A

(sent to Allianz Stadium) Juventus will visit Empoli on Saturday in the match valid for the 27th day of the championship. Veteran Bianconeri players who drew twice against Atalanta and Torino.

The day before, Friday 25 February, Massimiliano Allegri Speak at the press conference in 12 At the Allianz Stadium to present the match. Juventus News 24 Follow his words LIVE.

Who is available – “Let’s wait a moment because we still have to train, let’s see who is still standing. We have a lot of them, we have 2 or 3 under-23 players ready to play. The thing we have to know for sure is tomorrow is a match to win. We lost. In the first leg, Empoli is a difficult team to face, especially at home. For us it is an important step to follow the results so far. We need to play a difficult game, recharge the batteries not physically but mentally and prepare ourselves as best we can. “

Who will rest tomorrow between the rabbet and the site – “Today I will evaluate the situation, because I have to see who is better in defense. Bonucci played for a while but was not in expectations. I have to see today. As for the others, the people I have are fine. Sorry for McKinney, because I was in a good moment and he has different characteristics. About our midfielders. I am very sorry for Caio Jorge, he is a young boy and he had a very serious injury. We are waiting for them and so is the Church. Then there will be Bernardeschi back, let’s see next week but he is going well. Dybala could be available with Fiorentina, let’s see Rugani. Chiellini will not be available for the whole next week. Alex Sandro took a big hit and will not be available for tomorrow’s match.”

VLAHOVIC RESTS AND KEAN CAN PLAY – “Kane can play, if one plays Valhovich and Morata will rest.”

AKE ‘E SOULE’“They are two players on the right side of the field. Aké is more outward and linear, he plays more one-on-one, Soulé is more technical, he hones the movement more.”

Season Zero Titles –We’ll see that eventually, and in the meantime we’re there to fight on all fronts and that’s no small feat. When the team fights back in March for the goals of finishing fourth (the first is difficult, indeed impossible), the Coppa Italia (we have a nice semi-final to play with Fiorentina) and then the Champions League, with the semi-final returning to play with Villarreal which is not the case. easy at all. At the moment the season is going well, let’s see how many titles we can bring home. It is not easy to win every year, the important thing is to work in a certain way, for the team to grow. Now we are making better matches from all points of view, getting better in certain situations, in management. You need to play better in possession of the ball. The other day of the Champions League game, we had some good ball management situations, rushing through some games and giving it back to them. You win, you need better control especially against teams that put pressure on you. There are also opponents at an excellent level: the eighth final is always the eighth final.”

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Quote 4th place – “Since we’re struggling, I’m not saying neither the Scudetto nor the fourth place. In fact, I say the Scudetto we’ve come out a lot: in 85 you win it. In 3 Ave Maria up front, in 85 you can win it. We can’t get to 85 “He’s a mathematician. So in my opinion, I may be wrong.”

Why did the player score so few points – “If we knew it would be resolved quickly… In Spain we made a lot of mistakes in passing, there were favorable situations in the area that we didn’t use much. With more clarity, we could have scored more, but that’s something that needs to be improved because if you make a mistake you can.” Score goals. Re-open the game and re-open the clip. In these situations, you have to be more clear because if it happens in reverse, the opponents are not wrong. But the team performed well. “

HOW TO SHARE MORE FROM VLAHOVIC – “The match was different in Spain, they played with high defense, they encouraged you to attack the line and that is their game. There are games where players touch a few balls, and others touch more, the important thing is for the attackers to score goals. That’s what it takes to win matches. Valhovic does this: I am happy with his debut in the Champions League, because I am happy with how the whole team is doing.”

Meriti in the first team – “Meretti, Sulli and Aki are all training with us, Aki has been on a permanent basis for some time, Sully and Merity alternately. It is normal after these injuries that they are more with us.”

Go with Empoli – “We gave the first 20 good minutes, as we had many good chances and then after the goal we broke up. In the second half we had many chances but we couldn’t turn the game and above all scored at home. They have 3 players up front who leave the team there. And they always stretch: they are difficult to face, they are good at playing long and short. They don’t have problems in the rankings, they don’t care. On the other hand, we know that tomorrow is a match to win.”

Unit with Villareal – “A good step forward is that we managed to hit the opponents’ weak points by matches. Against Villarreal, who is still a tight side, we were able to develop the show quite well. Empoli is a team that plays in a completely different way.”

few goals – “No, conservative, you need to be more clear and understand when to kill the opponent. At the moment, in the second half, the team was performing well and we conceded goals, we were very light. In Europe, when you play in eighth place in the Champions League, you don’t have to give them a chance to come back, especially at the time when they seemed to have left the game. We gave it to him.

Ken – “If he plays, he has to play a good game and be ready. When he plays he always has chances to score, I’m very calm about that.”

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