Cabify expands VTC fleet with 50 100% electric Polestar vehicles

Cabify expands VTC fleet with 50 100% electric Polestar vehicles

While the future of Barcelona’s vocational training centers continues to await the law in the hands of the government, Cabify remains steadfast in its commitment not to leave the Catalan capital, as Uber did in January 2019 after a decree, also from the General State, which made the business model of these platforms very difficult. Yesterday, the company presented an agreement with the Swedish car brand Polestar to integrate 100 100% electric vehicles into its Spanish fleet: 50 for Barcelona, ​​which will be deployed in the coming weeks, and 50 for Madrid, planned for the coming months.

It is not clear what limits the new regulations will set, although it seems that way, or that this is the will of the government, which will differentiate between the rights and duties of the different parties to the new transport law in vehicles with up to nine seats: taxis, traditional VTCs, VTC platforms (Uber, Cabify and Bolt) and intermediary companies (such as Free Now). Despite the conditions that the text may impose, it seems that the possible restrictions will not immediately apply to many of the licenses under which they operate.

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