5000 euros on the account immediately | A gift from the government that restores your home

5000 euros on the account immediately |  A gift from the government that restores your home

From now until the end of 2022, several bonuses for Italian citizens have been confirmed. And for many there is no ISEE limitation either. Here’s everything you need to know about it

Also for this year, the government decided to confirm 2022 Technology Award. This is an incentive designed to facilitate the transition to more advanced digital tools. Essential, especially in a period like this one smart work And from Distance learning.

Home Appliances Bonus

As shown with some notes, this is not a single concession. Rather, a package that includes various assistance for families With or without ISEE. Among the various benefits, there are computers, internet connections, appliances, televisions, set-top boxes and much more.

Home Appliances Bonus 2022, here’s everything you need to know

The reward will be up to 5,000 euros
The reward will be up to 5,000 euros

thanks for the Technology Reward 2022 Provided by the government, there is access to a series of aid packages even without the need to submit an ISEE. You can save on buying electronic items and more. inside Budget Law 2022then we read that fUntil December 31, 2024 it will be The reward is up to 5000 eurosTo buy a washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, oven, refrigerator, freezer and other appliances. Tax deduction equals 50% of expenses incurred. A great help especially for those who decide to renovate their homes with the latest appliances. The point of Government It is to help Italians as much as possible in this sense, and to provide all the necessary tools to be able to enjoy the benefits that the current technology can guarantee. Even for those who are in a complicated economic situation due to the pandemic emergency and all that followed at the level in the following months.

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Now we’ll see if it’s decided to move forward between now and the next few months With more discounts Think citizens or not. We will definitely be talking about it again in the future, with the government calling on helping its citizens with bonuses and discounts on the purchase of new products. Even without having to submit an ISEE and fall within certain criteria.

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