Pro Vercelli, against Pergolettese Mr. Scienza asks for ‘pride, character and play’

“Against the pride of the bourgeoisie, character and play must not be lacking. Children should have optimism, confidence and qualities.” Here’s what Pro Vercelli coach Beppe Scienza said: The Whites now play away matches against Pergolettese (match starts at 2.30pm in Crema). The Lions returned from a week of relegation, after a poor second half, which resulted in a knockout, last Sunday against Legnago. “Retreat is not punitive, but rather clever, and it has served us a great deal. The company proves that it has important values: We used these days to talk and try to solve our problems. Fortunately, it was done: there was a need for us to be together and to squeeze even more of the group that is already very close. From an emotional point of view, this was one of the best weeks of my life. Now we have to give what we know how to give.” The team is ready and eager to enter the field. Scratch to play, to put the last day’s idiot behind her: “I’ve trained well during the week. From a mental point of view, after last Sunday’s poor result, we are upset. Nobody likes defeat. We have recharged our energies. I feel a great desire for revenge on the part of our entire environment, and I have great confidence in the players.”

In front of Pergolettese, the professional is looking for points, but above all wants to change direction: «We are coming back from a very bad performance. As a stand, I am convinced that the boys will be ready to take on any difficulty. I strongly believe in work, and the result is the result of performance. We have always shown character and pride, except for a few slips. Against Pergolettese we have to be worse than before. Nevertheless, I am convinced that the team will take the field in the right manner – says the coach -. Defeats can happen in football, but what I should never lack is performance: it bothered me against Legnago. We did not succeed. After the goal, we no longer play as we know them to be. The company provides us with everything to do well, and now it is up to us to find the solutions. Mentally we have to do something more, we have to be tough guys. Fear and low self-esteem lead to nothing in football and in life.”

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There are some absentees, but in the home of Pro Vercelli they are categorical: no excuses, who will play well and there are players on the team who, as Beppe Scienza says “fit to win the match”. However, some players will not be on the field today against Pergoletes: Bellardinelli, after new surgery, goalkeeper Valentini, who complains of a muscle injury in his thigh, Rizzo, due to a family problem, and Cristini, are out in the stands. disqualification day. However, there are also happy notes: Azi Yaod, who worked the layoff, and among the teams there is also Rolando, who overcame a problem with his thigh muscles. The Lions coach is ready to complete the must-have list among defenders Tintori, Orelito, Massey and Macchioni in defence. The lore has not focused on units: Pros can play 3-5-2, in addition to the 3-4-3 seen in the past few days. In the middle, after the indent, the starting jersey can end, in the middle, on the shoulders of Awua and Emmanuello, as well as Vitale, if the line is five, with Bruzzaniti and Iezzi, on the wings. If the score is fourth, Owa and Emanuelo will remain in first place starting from the first minute. In attack, Comey could act with Della Morte and Gato in a three-way line, only with Della Morte in two directions. Bonino can start off the bench, be ready to enter the race in progress. Among other things, Komi trained in bouts and starts during the week. Today’s Pro more than ever needs the three points: The Whites want to get back in the running so they don’t lose too much ground from the direct pursuers (Sudtirol is at the top, which is 16 points). To referee Pergolettese-Pro Vercelli, Crezzini will be from Siena. The Lions are expected to play another game away from home next Sunday: at Padova at 17.30. –

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