Travel of the Year by Carlo Messina, CEO of Intesa San Paolo –

Travel of the Year by Carlo Messina, CEO of Intesa San Paolo –

Winner…: Territory. That’s right, the real main protagonist of the hand “general truffle” At the Alba International White Truffle Fair is the territory. A word that became a real concept during this afternoon (Saturday 20th November) that he saw Carlo Messina, among the best international bankers and supporters of the union between Intesa San Paolo (who holds the position of CEO) and UBI Banca, to receive an excellent sample of white truffles, as a testament to the gratitude of the City of Alba for what has been done for the territory.
These two banks are well known by people and families, who have always considered the region as the basis on which mutual profitability rests.
And the 2021 truffle, the product of excellence that originated in the land, rooted in the region of Alba, is its symbol, the link in the chain that unites the real economy with the tradition of obesity, of action and that confidence in the institutions that have always characterized the Lange and Ruero region.
Corporate greetings have drawn the outline, starting with Stefano Mosca Exhibition Director who said: “This year’s truffles are an important tradition for the fair, a date that confirms the excellence of Lange and Roero. And we hand it over to Carlo Messina, a trusted person who knows what it means to strengthen an area.”

Thought confirmed Carlo Po, Mayor of Alba: “Honoring people who do important things is a way to thank them, says the mayor. Since 1939 we have given it with passion and respect. Today we give it to one of the world’s greatest Italian bankers, and I am pleased to do so at Alba, at the Ferrero Foundation founded in 1983, from Before a family that preferred work rather than appearance. Work, creativity and donation have always been the motto of Ferrero, and I think Carlo Messina embodies it fully for the benefit of the different regions in which Intesa San Paolo is present.

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Presence in Lange and Roero looks forward to green projects, points out Liliana Alina, head of the exhibition: «The most important feature of the exhibition is the delivery of “Truffles of the Year”. We are pleased to collaborate with Intesa San Paolo. We are looking to the near future to protect the truffles together thanks to the coronary funding process to invest in the natural truffle fields. The theme of the 2021 exhibition is “We are connected with nature”, and from that we want to make the territory the number one destination in Italy for sustainable food and wine tourism ».

Collaboration leads to union, he says Alberto Sirio, President of the Piedmont Region: “For us, the Ferrero Foundation is an impressive place. This is the second time we’ve had the party here, after the party dedicated to the new Fiat 500 and the truffle delivery to Sergio Marchionne.

The truffle is for us synonymous with gardening, a way of life that, although serious and focused on doing for the sake of territory, has over the years led to an opening outward, towards new guilds, for the benefit of the territory itself. In this way we made it more and more known, and we continue to do so. Carlo Messina is the one who led to an important bond between two great banks that had always believed in the lands of Italy. The truffle is a sign of thanks, distinction and respect to those who have always helped Piedmont. An example above all: the funds obtained within a few hours for the temporary hospital of Valentino during the first closure, thanks to the synergy and sensitivity of Carlo Messina and Intesa San Paolo ».

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And in the dialogue between Maurizio Molinari, editor of La RepubblicaAnd, Carlo Messina, the essence of the relationship with the territory became the protagonist in the author’s painting that appeared in the evening. Here are questions and answers.

How do you see the situation of Italy’s recovery in this period?

Carlo Messina says: “The restart that took place in recent months will lead to more continuous growth in 2023, thanks to increased investments and purchasing power of Italians, with a consequent increase in GDP and a decrease in public debt, to bring it within the range of inequality Acceptable We remember that the European Central Bank and international investors are financing our public debt of 750 billion euros each.
In recent months, the Italians are looking to the future positively, but we are going through a delicate period, when PNRR must be well exploited with projects of objective feasibility, otherwise the funds will not arrive.
Growth is necessary for GDP above 1.5, to reabsorb some of the poverty and reduce public debt, which has to be sustainable.
Our banking group is concerned with the territories: just think that we manage one trillion and 350 billion euros, most of which have strong roots in different regions of Italy, from individuals to companies. ”

What can you tell us about the increase in raw materials that scares us so much?

Intesa San Paolo CEO says: “The real elements of inflation are there, but not from a structural perspective. In 2022, we will return to overall levels. For example, the European Central Bank will not increase interest rates, at least until 2023. We must not We are slowing down on investment projects because this increase in inflation in Europe is not a strong threat, but we must be careful and think about cooperation with other countries.”

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What is the recipe for regions?

“Intesa and UBI together make up a strong bank for Europe and for regions in which the main factor is the trust of families. It takes social responsibility to return a portion of the shareholder’s profit value to the benefit of the territory. This is the only way to create a mutual reputation. We rely heavily on human resources internally with our employees and clients. Mutual trust: I think this is the right recipe.”

What is the economic value of the vaccine?

“The vaccine is necessary to return to the real economy permanently. We need to spend and not just leave the capital as it is. If money is not circulated, poverty increases and GDP decreases. Today we have an alarming poverty line. It is unacceptable to think that in Italy there are 5 million people who struggle to make a living. We must all do our part. And vaccination means not only defeating Covid19, but also making the global economy more resilient, to go back to better times.”

Sustainability chapter. What do you think of post-Glasgow?

“I believe that despite the political difficulties of understanding between countries of the world, it has become understood that sustainability has become an operational and management priority. We must be ready to accompany the various steps towards green with financing. We are ready, like Italy, to donate 400 billion euros, of which 70 billion are to environmental transformation » .

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