37% of the sample stopped purchasing after the new housing law came into effect

37% of the sample stopped purchasing after the new housing law came into effect

More than half of buyers (73%) do not apply for home equity grantsfreepik

Getting a home to buy is often very difficult, and it is even more difficult if you do not take advantage of the help available to do so. According to the report’The second report: The journey of a home buyer in Spain, It was conducted through surveys conducted by the Market and Demoscopic Studies Company Sigmadus For Culmia meadows, More than 70% of Spaniards do not request financial assistance from the public administrationer buy your new home; Although most people who buy (more than half) He does not have the financial capacity to confront it. beside that, You have one Housing In ownership, it remains the preferred option for citizens.

In concrete terms, 73% of those who searched for housing at some point did not apply for any financial assistance, Mainly guarantees at the entrance: with this procedure, he to rule The autonomous regions guarantee the part of the purchase of the apartment, 20% of the price and the bank requires it to finance the remaining 80%. We must add to this percentage that 20% did not request these procedures because they believed that they did not apply to them. On the other hand, the majority minority, Only 4.4% of respondents said they had applied ICO guarantees To the government And 2.9% aid aims to acquire homes in the rural environment Government housing plan.

The truth is that for the majority of Spaniards, free housing remains the first choice. 70.8% of more than 2,000 citizens over the age of 26 surveyed in community of madrid, CataloniaAndalusia, the Valencian Community and the Basque Country Galicia by Sigmados answers this question, in front of 16.7% of those considering living with affordable rent, 7.5% prefer formal protection housing (HPO), 2.8% in assisted living accommodation and 2.3% in A rent flexible. These latter formulas are most popular among young people under the age of 29, while People over the age of 65 are more likely to like the home they own.

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Stopping shopping has been a decision for many young people

Although being an owner is the more desirable option, One in two Spaniards, 54.5%, consider that the housing options available on the market do not meet their economic expectations, That is, he does not have the ability to save or borrow to buy. Only 17.4% of Spaniards surveyed say that housing options on the current market meet their expectations; While more than 28% believe that the available offer does not meet expectations in terms of space, distribution, common areas, or complementary services. “All age groups agree on the need to obtain more homes at more suitable prices and conditions, at a rate of more than 70%.” The report notes.

How did the housing law affect home buying?

According to Sigmados and Culmia, given the approval Housing Law, One year after its entry into force37% of respondents say they have put their purchasing process on hold indefinitely. While more than 33% had already planned to buy a home before and were not concerned about the impact of the new rule 15.7% are concerned about legal incapacity. Separation by age, As for the younger ones, they are the most hesitant to apply the law: One in two put off a purchase, compared to 41% of people over 65 who do not suffer from headaches.

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