Smart Lollipop from Girona, one of the companies with the most potential in Catalonia

Smart Lollipop from Girona, one of the companies with the most potential in Catalonia

The company is from Girona Smart lollipop He was a finalist for the EmprènXXI Awards, which recognizes startups with the greatest potential in Catalonia. Smart Lollipop is one A medical device based on a smart candy capable of diagnosing diseases through a saliva sample. The straw collects the sample and cleans it of impurities for diagnostic testing or disease monitoring.

The device also contains a biosensor connected to an optical reader, digitizes the response and uploads to an online platform for medical teams and patients to access. «We want to offer a solution that replaces the blood test This is done in a less intrusive way, like a lollipop,” Diana Balart, CEO and co-founder of the Girona startup, explained months ago in statements to this newspaper.

The EmprènXXI Awards ceremony took place on Tuesday as part of the DayOne Innovation Summit in Catalonia, held at 4YFN. These awards are presented by CaixaBank, through its DayOne division specializing in technology companies and its investors, in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Tourism, through ENISA.This year, it celebrates its seventeenth edition.

The EmprènXXI Awards were created in 2007 with the aim of: Encouraging and supporting those companies with less than three years of experience Who, through their work, generate more impact in their territories and provide the best solutions to the main challenges of today's society. Along these lines, since its inception, the program has invested approximately €8.3 million in cash prizes, accompanying activities and visibility, from which around 500 companies have benefited.

As every year, in This edition will be awarded a total of 19 prizes at the regional level: 17 in Spain (one for each autonomous region) and two in Portugal (North-Central Region and Southern Lisbon Region and the Islands). On the other hand, 12,000 euros will also be awarded to 12 companies, regardless of their territory, offering the best solutions “to some of the main challenges of the future.” “, the authority explained in a statement.

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This year, the startup Keybotic was honored at the EmprènXXI Awards as the most innovative technology company in Catalonia. Keybotic is a company that has developed a robotic dog called Keyper, capable of autonomously accessing complex environments to perform industrial inspections, detect gas leaks or other anomalies, and send alerts when incidents are found. Keyper, which works with sensor technology and artificial intelligence, is particularly suitable for working in sectors such as chemicals or mining.

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